Friday, July 2, 2010

Rocki Gorman White Agate & Very Large Cross

Okay this is the mother of all crosses and it is stunning on...we have women in the shop grab this baby and run with it. (kidding!) It is stunning with any stones and is also beautiful with the sterling bead necklaces as well. This particular one has the raised cross design in the center. This is the 3rd cross we have had and each one has been different and one-of-a-kind. It's beautiful with the white buffalo turquoise as well. I received one for an anniversary gift and wore it to Fredrickburg last Summer-everyone ask where I got it at-it's an eye-catcher!
Rocki Gorman Large Sterling Silver Cross $340.00
This white agate Rocki Gorman cross is quite beautiful and looks stunning with anything white. The white agate earrings look fantastic with this combination.
Rocki Gorman White Agate Silver Cross $185, Rocki Gorman White Agate Earrings $170.00

Here is the large cross mixed with the silver beads so you can see the scale of this piece...And I love love her shawl.