Friday, May 21, 2010

Fab French Country Furniture In!!!

This French country pantry/closet would be so great to organize and fold all of your linens and keep your bed sheets in. Or keep supplies and baskets in it for a kitchen or laundry room. This has about 6-7 shelves in it that are adjustable. The sheen and dark walnut color of it with the carving is so beautiful!
Here is one of the black chairs that goes with the ottoman. I can see myself sitting in this with my feet up in the morning drinking coffee. It just needs a big wonderful script linen pillow in it-euro size of course. This is actually sized for papa bear but mama bear likes to sit in it!

This black washed footstool matches the two French cane-bottomed chairs we have got in as well.

This Welsh cupboard is so beautiful and would be perfect to display in your kitchen. Cupboards are not so easy to come by anymore and this one is not a massive piece. Which is nice-solid dovetailed drawers and solid oak this is a fantastic piece as well!

We have a pair of these which would be meant as either two wonderful nights stands on either side of a bed. Or would be great as a single pantry in a kitchen, in a large bathroom for accessories, etc. They are a petite size which makes them very versatile.

Darling lingerie chest-this would be perfect for a jewelry bug. The carving and quality if these pieces are so good!

Oh this pale blue scrubbed finish on this oak French piece is so good. This low shelving unit is fantastic and will arrive in a black distressed finish soon!