Saturday, January 22, 2022

Valentine Artisan European Chocolates👩‍🍳

Our Valentine artisan European Chocolates have arrived in our kitchen! Wrapped in red Nepal paper these are not your ordinary chocolates! Handmade in small batches these chocolates have complex flavor. Ganache filled chocolates infused with red wine and spices are decadent. Tangerine Ancho Chili- smooth ganache infused with fresh squeezed tangerines with a hint of Ancho chili. Mango Habanero- Smooth ganache infused with Mango’s with a kick of Habanero. Raspberry Jalapeño Mojito-Smooth ganache infused with raspberries, Lime juice, Jalapenos and white Rum will make any heart happy. Let us wrap one up for you! Reserve your chocolates now!