Thursday, September 20, 2018

Gorgeous Fall Home

To be surrounded by beautiful things is an understatement in this home. She needed something to make her smile this week and how wonderful to have a home ready for Fall and Thanksgiving! As we worked I thought about how our mother instills in us what is lovely in this world and what is worthwhile. To see her beautiful dishes in the dining room that belonged to her grandmother and to have so many stories and family history of pieces she had collected is something to cherish forever! What a gorgeous and welcoming Fall home...

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fall Door Bucket

This farmhouse copper bucket overflowing with cotton picks, freshly cut maize, green hydrangeas, and large blooming sunflowers makes this front porch smile big for Fall!

Watercolor Feather Prints

These beautiful watercolor style glass print feathers are harmonious in color and so lovely as a pair. Stylish to display anywhere in your home. Love the array of soft colors!!

Mongolian Lamb Pillows

Hey Ya’ll we just got in more beautiful mongolian lamb pillows for Fall! Add a furry punch to your home for the season!

Vintage Inspired Victorian Art

This vintage victorian inspired art print has beautiful and soft colors. Love the contrast of the weathered bamboo frame as well. This art would be gorgeous to adorn any room in your home!

Embroidered Fall Tops

Just arrived in are these gorgeous silk inspired embroidered tops. They are cool, flowing and beautiful! Only a small selection of them will be available!

Rose Gonzales bracelets

Rose Gonzales stackable bracelets have arrived! A handcrafted fashion accessories line with a bohemian vibe. Jewely is handmade with crystals, metal, leather, waxed cotton cord and silk threads; offering a wide variety of color stories for every personality. $9.95 each so that you can layer to your hearts desire!!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Here Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

This statuesque turkey with a weathered and distressed metallic finish serves as a striking centerpiece for your Fall table setting or entry table for your home. We can see him wrapped in fall garland and surrounded by pumpkins love him!

Bridal Selections For Alicia Straley & Bradly Duvall

Bridal Selections For Alicia Straley & Bradly Duvall Shower September 15th, 2018. We are happy to take phone orders as well-thank you to all our customers that have stopped by for a bridal gift or made selections we appreciate you so much!

Outdoor Kitchen Patio Design

Before & After: What a great patio and outdoor kitchen to enjoy watching the game and drinking a glass of wine. We enjoyed putting it together and their new freeform rosewood log dining table was perfect for entertaining and serving family! Jack the black lab loves his new outdoor space that is rustic, wonderful, and exactly the look of this couples style!

Fall Hydrangeas, Succulents & Sedum

This aged rustic wooden box is stuffed full of burgundy hydrangeas and lined with succulents and sedums. Love the wild and wooly twisting sticks trailing around it! A beautiful gift for a bride how fun! Burgundy is back in for bridal have you noticed??

Spode Woodland for Fall

Bring the classic style of the English countryside to your table this Fall with our favorite Woodland Spode.


THYMES FRASIER FIR is on it’s way! A tradition that feels right at home.
The aromatic snap of Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and earthy sandalwood combine to create a just-cut forest fragrance that evokes warmth and comfort.

Erbario Toscana will be here next week!

Erbario Toscana is on it’s way!! Pure and wonderful skin products made in Italy treat yourself!! 
Tuscia Berries: The mystery of an ancient region. Tuscia Berries is a vigorous and sensual fragrance. Its contrasting character, inspired by the woods, is magisterially orchestrated in a bold confrontation between fruity, woody and resinous notes.
Black Pepper: The sensuality of its woody and amber scented notes, carry the exotic appeal of far-off countries. Black Pepper, forever renown as the "King of spices", has an intense captivating fragrance ideal for the active and dynamic man. Its warm and sensual tones give a pleasant sensation of wellbeing.

Market Finds Are On Their Way!

This World of RL photo is inspiration for one of our antique Katmandu pieces. Beautiful washed hues of blue it would be perfect to replicate this idea in your home.

These fur throws are extra large, super soft, and fabulous!!! Prices are great and these would be a super Christmas gift! (We are also getting in the matching euro fur pillows with down filler. Arriving in October.

Throw pillows are the stuffed animals of grown women. We are all going to need an embroidered pheasant pillow and “The Guinea” fur down pillow in our homes soon.

Turkeys & Pumpkins loving it all at market!

Washed Aqua Antique Katmandu Piece

This World of RL photo is inspiration for one of our antique Katmandu pieces. Beautiful washed hues of blue it would be perfect to replicate this idea in your home.

Velvet Patchwork Chairs

This velvet patchwork chair has a bohemian flair with vibrant colors and designs! Loving the nailhead trim! Would make fabulous accent chairs on each end of a dining table or on either side of a buffet. Or a perfect and fun makeup chair or desk chair!

Fall at the Shop!

New and interesting items are arriving for Fall this week!! Stop by and see what’s new!

Cinnamon Cider For Fall

Embrace the elegance of fine fragrance by bringing pleasure into your home. There is nothing better than coming home to the smell of wonderful Fall at the end of a day. Fill a beautiful bowl with our Cinnamon Cider decorative fragrance. It brings the beauty of the fall season into your home with colorful botanicals fragranced with an enticing mixture of apples, cinnamon and citrus!