Wednesday, March 14, 2018

French Style Home For Spring!

We enjoyed working in this home and putting it back together after new travertine floors were installed in the dining room. She wanted a new and fresh look for spring. How pretty is her large white pottery urn overflowing with suculents and white tulips in the center of the dining table! Our aqua mongolian sheep pillows added a punch of color to a monotone seating area. She has a wonderful house and has collected some great accessories which gives this home a finished and polished look.

New Jewelry: Cowgirl Pearls

From the Big Apple to the Loan Star State this artist spent most of her career working as a jewelry and fashion designer in New York. Fate lead her to Texas and her statement accessories such as multistrand necklaces that pair long strands of pearls, leather, swavorki crystals, and fetishes certainly make a statement. Come check out some of her unique and beautiful pieces!

These will be gone fast! Coil Cuff Brites with Suede Tassels. $26.00 each

Extra long strands of shimmering swavorski crystals by our new artist. Triple them around your neck or wear as single strand. $18.00 each

Our Honey Bee!

We sure do miss our Stumpy but Honey Bee will be a good replacement don’t you think??

Bridal selections for Kate Reagan & TJ Wood

Bridal selections for Kate Reagan & TJ Wood shower April 14th, 2018. We are happy to take phone orders as well. Thank you to all our customers that have stopped by for a bridal gift or made selections we appreciate you so much!

Beautiful in White!

Spring is in the air today!! This customer picked out this wonderful metal seed container and wanted it filled with whites! We stuffed it full with white daisies, dried white sunflowers, airy fern, and drooping white tulips. Turned out quite lovely for her kitchen table!

Copper Mugs Are In!

Our favorite copper mugs have arrived in the kitchen! What better way to celebrate spring break than to relax and sip on a strawberry basil moscow mule!
2 cups vodka
¼ cup fresh lime juice
2 cups sliced strawberries, plus extra for garnish
½ cup packed basil leaves, plus extra for garnish
2 cans/bottles ginger beer

Add vodka, lime juice, strawberries, and basil to a pitcher and stir to combine. Then, chill in the refrigerator at least 4 hours, or overnight. Stir contents every so often, and again once it finishes marinating.

Fill copper mugs or rocks glasses with crushed iced. Add ⅓ cup vodka mixture and top with ginger beer until full. Squeeze a couple extra lime slices in each glass, and garnish with extra strawberry slices and basil leaves. Serve immediately.

Fresh Geranium & Mint Scent

One of our favorite fresh and new scents...Urban Gardens Fresh Geranium & Mint a blend of geranium leaves, mint and lemongrass. Beautiful packaging and colors with a very strong and refreshing scent!
The wax melts are the bomb they will fill your whole home with this wonderful spring scent!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuscan Spring Fragrance

Tuscan Spring. A fresh blend, both sweet and crisp, reminds us of the Mediterranean maquis in bloom, the sweetness of the hills warmed by the sun, the freshness of the citrus groves, the bouquets of wild herbs and the energetic character of wood. This is fragrance among the most delicate and refreshing but has strong vitality. Made In Italy.
The nourishing body balm and body dry oil is our favorite! The beauty water is refreshing and keep refrigerated for a cool mist on hot afternoons.

Bridal selections for Meagan Goddard & Joe Reynoso

Bridal selections for Meagan Goddard & Joe Reynoso shower April 7th, 2018. We are happy to take phone orders as well. Thank you to all our customers that have stopped by for a bridal gift or made selections we appreciate you so much!

Sweet 16 Party!

Sweet 16 party! Our hot pink peonies are so pretty mixed with fresh pink roses. Fresh pink rose petals are scattered down the table around a birch tulip wreath. So festive you are only 16 once right!?

Cream lace Tunics

Newly arrived are these soft cream lace tank tunics. If you are wanting an easy piece to layer with and give a romantic ruffle to any top these are great! $30.00


Smiling as I put together this succulent creation this morning in this great grey script pottery jug for a customer. Some of our favorite things are succulents and this arrangement I would guess would be heading to a ranch home off the cap. So fun!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Turquoise Mongolian Lamb Pillows & Footstools

How about some pop of color for your winter blues? These mongolian lamb fur pillows have just arrived in turquoise blue and beige cream in a variety of sizes! Also loving these cute and quaint fur footstools and aqua linen ruffled pillows!

Large Urns for Spring

To end our day we wrapped our Friday up by recreating these large beautiful urns at church for spring! We are busy busy with floral projects let us help you with your ideas!


How pretty is this antique tulip vase a customer brought in with an array of our colorful tulips cheerfully blooming? It is headed back to a ranch in New Mexico I’m sure this pretty piece has a story!

Cafe Mugs Wrapped Up With Fresh Coffee!

These cute cream cafe mugs mixed with our brownie mix and some of our new freshly ground coffees makes the perfect gift! These linen rabbit tea towels are so sweet and can wrap up any yummy jam or coffee!

Spring Arrangements

These large red poppies, yellow tulips, and little yellow daisies give these arrangements the pops of color they need! These will add a little cheer to a front door and dining room table!

New Coffee Flavors!

Our kitchen is filled with the aroma of fresh coffee beans! I can’t wait to try one of these new coffees. Coconut Creme is the smooth taste of vanilla creme blended with tropical coconut. Jamaican Me Crazy is kahlua and vanilla creme combined with creamy caramel. Apricot Creme is one of the most popular and transcends that “Just Picked Flavor!”.