Sunday, September 23, 2012

Venita's Corn Waffles w/ Tomato Salsa

 Venita brought corn waffles they were wonderful as well.  Loved the fresh salsa you garnished them with! These would make a great supper as well!
 Venita's Corn Waffles w/ Tomato Salsa
My recipe was Paula Dean's ham this is a super easy recipe and the ham comes out moist and delicious!

1 (18-pound) cured ham
2 (12-ounce) cans cola
Canned pineapple rings
Brown sugar
Maraschino cherries

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.

Place ham in a shallow roasting pan. Baste the ham with cola. With toothpicks, stick some pineapple rings on the ham, about 4 or 5 rings. Sprinkle some brown sugar on the rings. With toothpicks, place a cherry in each pineapple ring hole and then stick some cloves in the rings. Cover it with foil. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes per pound of ham, or until the ham reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees F. Baste with cola about every 30 minutes during cooking.

D'Ann's Anzac Biscuits

 D'Ann brought a fabulous frittata in a cast iron skillet and also a the recipe for Anzac Biscuits in the photo below. She recently returned from Africa and shared this recipe with us they are crunchy, sweet & delicious!
 Here is the table set we all admired the beautiful plaid tablecloth and tins full of goodies can't wait to hear more stories about her trip!
D'Ann's Anzac Biscuits

Keita's Banana Nut Muffins

 Keita brought her banana nut muffins they were wonderful! The cream cheese frosting on them made them even better!

 Keita's Banana Nut Muffins
Keita's daughter Carey and granddaughter Haley brought fresh sliced strawberries in the most beautiful glass star bowl-everything was delicious and beautiful!

Roseanna's Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls

 For the birthday party each person brought a wonderful dish to share so we wanted to share the recipes to you as well! These were Roseanna's Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls they were wonderful, moist, and looked beautiful on her large white scalloped platter!
Roseanna's Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls!

Fall Dining Table

 Happy Birthday Roseanna! Last weeekend we celebrated Roseanna's birthday-I wanted to have the party outside but bc it was chilly and rainy I had to bring it inside...
I set my table with fresh mums and dark orange rudebekia and tucked fresh cottonwood leaves here and there. I set the table with Spode woodland and the Taos Twist stainless silverware we carry both lines at the shop.
Who knew our bright paper napkins could be so cute pulled through these wooden napkin rings. Love this oversized burlap tablecloth and these wonderful twig placemats just made my table! Got them at Bonnes Amies just a few details can make a setting beautiful! I just love these rabbit woodland bowls I had so much fun setting the table for once!

Working outside-the end of the season!

 Here is our back porch after a good rain a couple of weeks ago it was so nice!
 Worked on painting the deck this summer in the evening-it was built many years ago so the floor needs a good coat of stain every year. This color is blue spruce at Sherwin Williams. It's so nice to sit out here in the early mornings and drink coffee...
 Recognize this old bike? Wish it looked like it used to-Mom used to pedal to work and Bitsy her tiny yorkie would ride in the basket. Time has taken a tole on this good 'ol bike it was a good classic! Love how this photo turned out...
 Gardening is coming to an end but I think we are all ready for some cool Fall weather....
 Can't believe how massive these wisteria vines have grown! They are like elephant trunks wrapping themselves around everything. Love these turquoise gates setting them off...
 The sunset is going down the squirrels are tucked away in there little beds...One lives in the birdhouse on the post you often see his tail hanging out one of the holes!
 Flagstone patio leading to the deck...
Looking out the back door-going to try to paint this fall and winter more of the blue spruce stain it really freshens things up!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

You know you are a painter when the smell of paint and stain is comforting/familiar to you and I have been missing it lately.  In early spring I helped Venita distress her bright white kitchen cabinets-much better don't you think? Even if some people would have fell to floor when they saw us sanding them down it was time to put some soul to them! I love her new kitchen...
 Many years ago I painted this kitchen which is now where I reside and sit and think in the early morning. They were painted a parchment color and scrubbed down and pewter pulls put on. You don't think painting your kitchen will be hard until you get started...
This antique american table here was Cybil my great grandmother's dining table. Do you think she would get mad if I painted these chairs a soft grey?

Copper Luster Pumpkins

If you haven't seen all the beautiful Fall florals that are in or these wonderful tall copper luster gourds and pumpkins you must stop by before they are gone! So many wonderful extra large copper candlesticks that looks old and tarnished-beautiful lamps and other decorating items to spiff up your home. Get in the Fall Mood!
"Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who searches finds, and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened." -Matthew 7:7-8

Thursday, September 13, 2012


 I stayed up late last night entering our home for the Cote De Texas contest-the house chosen will be a backdrop for Aidan Grey. First place winner gets 5,000.00 in Aidan Grey goods how exciting would that be?
 I know my chances are slim but I got some wonderful pictures-some that I can keep forever. Madeline was busy picking up acorns in the front yard while I worked on pictures for the outside....
Angle up of the front door-I still love the aqua accents my mom chose she did an amazing job working on this house before she moved...Love the greys, the vine crawling, and the big oak trees in the front yard what a wonderful place to live...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Enchanting Candles

This textured glass candle will fill your home with sweet scents when lit; what will you store in the bubbled vessel after the wax has burned away?
Here are the enchanting scents....
USAMeringue: the sweet scent of sugar, cream and fresh coconut
Stem: a piquant blend of arugula, tarragon, and lily of the valley, balanced by notes of black pepper and sandalwood
Marine: fresh air and water, with layers of herbaceous flowers and morning mist
Honeysuckle: a heady floral mimicking its namesake with warm, sweet and enveloping notes
Fir & Grapefruit: a rich, sweet blen of bright grapefruit and cooling balsam
Spanish Lime: an effervescent blend of lime and citrus
Cozy: crisp, powdery and soothing
These beautiful hobnail glass candle have 80 hours of burn time what a special and simple gift this would be for a dear friend or someone you love....

What are you looking at??

 What are you looking at? Peering out from behind that shiny copper pumpkin? Beautiful vintage mercury glass hearts, aged mercury decanters, turquoise bone trays, and tall fantastic copper candlesticks...Everytime I drop by I cannot help myself and take somthing home with me....
 Oh that aged copper medicine bottle is just wonderful sitting on top of that marble stand-what beautiful and inspiring finds that are coming in for Fall...
And these portraits of women peering out their eyes wondering. I love them these would look fantastic anywhere you would like to hang them. I can especially see them in a bathroom or powder room in a woman's study or a sophisticated little girls room? What unusual tall mercury glass pumpkins-such a pretty vintage display-getting inspired for the season...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Autumn Santos

One of my favorite items in my new home is this Santos I got from my mother this past Christmas. When Venita & Roseanna came to help me a few weeks ago they adorned her in yes Indian Corn and a fall glittering garland. I have my eye on a little crown down at the store I think she needs it. I love her for the beautiful piece of art she is with her scrubbed turquoise body and blue eyes....

Here you can see her pale blue eyes and distressed wooden body. Only the Bonnes Amies decorating team would have thought of this fantastic idea! Love her-opens up so many possibilities for her and the Christmas season! Keep posted I will try to post more pictures of how they helped us "Fall" up our home!

Rocki Gorman Naja & Cross Pendants

I could take each three of these gorgeous Rocki Gorman pendants home with me and treasure them forever! Large in size they are each a piece of art and the colors are so vibrant and stunning. The first cross is filled with kingman turquoise, denim lapis, and apple coral aged just to perfection!
The Naja pendant in the middle is such a find and would be beautiful with the tres platos silver beads. The inverted crescent pendant on squash-blossom necklaces, called the 'Naja' by the Navajo, is found in various design forms throughout the world cultures. As a crescent, this form goes back as far as the Paleolithic period. It is mentioned in the book of Judges as an ornament worn around the necks of camels. In the Phoenician culture, Astarte was the goddess of fertility and she was represented by the inverted crescent as well. As pendants, the inverted crescent has also been found in ancient Roman, and Crete artifacts. Coming from another direction in North America, the inverted crescent symbol was on various types of trade goods brought from the East coast by other Europeans. The crescent pendant was used from the early 1800's on, by the Shawnee, Delaware, Cheyenne, Comanche and Navajo tribes, among others.
The last cross is apple coral which to me is so unusual in color and texture especially with the stamped sterling edges and extra large bell attached to it.
Feel free to stop by to try one of these beautiful pieces on or please email or call us for pricing and more information. We gladly ship any of our pieces.

Scattered Pumpkins...

These concrete mossy pumpkins are scattered throughout our little shop kitchen...I love them tucked here in there-really you can put them just about anywhere. Mix them with real orange pumpkins so yummy!

Turkish Jugs

We like to walk around the shop and find our turkish jugs and talk about them. Feel of them and pick them up they are so wonderful we love them. Sometimes they arrive with a little bit of dirt inside them or moss on the sides they are fantastic pieces for any home. Beautiful for Fall filled full with rustic leaves!

Fall Entry Table

I love this table when you walk in the store. The copper/bronze lamps with black shades are so stunning with the long burlap tablecloth and red Fall chrysanthemums and red wooden picture frames. Charlie's Mexican glass in the opalescent tortoise is fresh and new-sip sangria from these in style. So beautiful come get inspired this Friday afternoon!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dark Walnut Bed is Sparkling!

Love our little back bedroom in the shop with these two sweet antique French nightstands on either side of it. Love the chocolate silk matelasse blanket folded over it with cream crochet pillows on  top. My most favorite thing is the delicate crystal chandeliers hanging over it-a collection of sparkling light.
How sweet these would look in a bathroom, over the head of a bed, above a baby's bed or in a little girl's room!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread

Okay my friends it will be 83 degrees next weekend! Let's celebrate by making pumpkin bread....
1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin puree
4 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
2/3 cup water
3 cups white sugar
3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour three 7x3 inch loaf pans.
2. In a large bowl, mix together pumpkin puree, eggs, oil, water and sugar until well blended. In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger. Stir the dry ingredients into the pumpkin mixture until just blended. Pour into the prepared pans.
3. Bake for about 50 minutes in the preheated oven. Loaves are done when toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

Review: "Excellent. I followed the ingredients and directions almost exactly. The only new things I did were add a teaspoon of vanilla and 1 1/2 teaspoons of pumkin pie spice(I did not have any cloves). I also used one cup of packed light brown sugar and two cups of regular sugar. I baked mine in one pyrex loaf pan(only one I have) and also made 12 muffins. The one cup of oil was not a problem for me at all, nothing came out greasy. I also sift all my dry ingredients together(not sugar). I will be making this again for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Update: 11/3/06- This was so yummy my husband actually asked for more the other day. This also freezes really well. I froze most of the 12 muffins I made and when defrosted, they were still really good. 11/26/08- Yes, I am still making this recipe, today in fact! We now like to add chocolate chips. About 1 cup does the trick, as we don't like many, just enough to give it a chocolate taste. Tip: Freeze the chocolate chips before hand if you want them to retain some of their shape when done cooking."

Fall Leaves, Bittersweet & Lanterns

Love our wonderful French table filled with beautiful glazed pottery and large rustic metal lanterns! Rusted leaves and bittersweet are scattered on top of it and stuck here and there...Mounted european antlers are tucked in the setting...

These glazed pots are so beautiful the large lustered jug is a handmade vietri piece so beautiful for Fall...
  Here are the lanterns up close they are filled with a carved ram head and another small euro mount. A collection of these antlers on a wall is so beautiful especially when they are surrounding a large feature such as a deer head or for me a javelina pig mount. Rustic yet you can achieve a refined look with them!
The French table is for sale as well very pretty table!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Limelight Sweet Potato boxes

Loving this limelight sweet potato vine overgrowing in our windowboxes at the shop. Just beautiful with the peocock blue shutters. We have recently done stucco and stonework on the outside of the shop and recovered the awnings. Makes a nice touch don't you think? When in doubt to know what to plant sweet potato vine is your answer!

"We are friends and I do like to pass the day with you in serious and inconsequential chatter. I wouldn't mind washing up beside you, dusting beside you, reading the back half of the paper while you read the front. We are friends and I would miss you, do miss you and think of you very often.” 
-Jeanette Winterson quotes

Well Miss Venita has moved and I have taken many pictures of her work in progress "Jack Arnold" inspired home. So please stay tuned as I post some of her "vignettes" in her beautiful home! So sad to see her move(yes I lived next door) but lucky me we did a sort of a house swap. We bought her 1928 english-style home which is where I grew up. Will try to keep you updated on projects and what we are working on....
Thanks for being patient on our postings!