Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 4th Picnic & Recipes

For Summer we have in these so darling red checked tableclothes with embroidered black ants on them. Perfect for that outdoor picnic for 4th of July this weekend! Love these red linen napkins mixed with it.

I wanted to share with you also these Southern Living recipes as well! Whether you’re celebrating at the lake or in the backyard, these recipes make for a simple yet extraordinary Independence Day with friends and family. I'm curious how the Beer-Battered Pickles would taste but the Bacon-Wrapped Barbecue Burgers sound divine!

Wonderful Garden Items

"The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, one is nearer to God's heart in a garden than anyone else on earth." -Dorothy Frances Gurney

Red geraniums, copper watering cans, antiqued scrubbed terrariums....just a few of many garden items we have available right now. Perfect gifts for that special friend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Featured Rocki Gorman Pieces

For any of our online viewers that are not local shoppers we would be happy to answer any questions and gladly ship to anywhere in the United States or overseas....please contact us at or call us!
Here is a close-up of the Rocki Gorman Navajo cross in the multi-stone of Kingman Turquoise, Apple Corral, Denim Lapis, and Mojave Turquoise. Hand-made by Navajo artist and hand-stamped it is quite a treasure. It is $360.00.
Here is the gorgeous 6 stand multi-stone that is beautiful with the multi-stone cross pendant. It is extra long for doubling and makes quite a statement. It consist of Kingman Turquoise, Mojave Turquoise, Coral, and Denim Lapis. Quite a mixture! It's $560.00 and the beautiful large chandelier earrings are $250.00. All pieces are hand-stamped on the back with the authentic Rocki stamp. And everything is sterling silver.

These are some of the most creative earrings I have seen...Love the colorful mixture of Mojave Turquoise and Corral mixed with the hand-stamping. These are $240.00

This is a beautiful hand-stamped Navajo designed piece-it measures around 2.25" wide with a very large bell. It is a great price at $180.00.
Rocki Gorman special priced four-strand turquoise chippy necklace. A bargain at $62.00.
Detailed and so special Vintage Collection Navajo bracelets. Kingman turquoise and third generation stamping these are priced at left $253.00 and right $223.oo.

Today Rocki’s true passion shines through her Native American made creations employing Navajo silversmiths and continuing a long standing tradition of quality, hand made, American made jewelry with sterling silver and assorted gem stones. Her designs are contemporary and geographically comfortable from Maine to California. Rocki’s jewelry has been seen on many stars and she most recently designed for Hillary Duff for the magazine “Cowboys & Indians.” Rocki’s mission is simple, “Quality, hand made, proudly American creations for everyone to enjoy.” “May you walk in beauty!”

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Napkins

Our top of the line designer napkins! Beautiful 3 ply cocktail and luncheon size napkins in a large selection of amazing patterns! Great to keep in the kitchen for everyday use or pickup some for a Summer birthday party or 4th of July party!

Kilim Turkish Ottomans

Love these Kilim hand-painted ottomans for Turkey that we have. The faded colors in this ottoman are very appealing!
The Kilims are flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs produced from the Balkans to Pakistan. Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs.
The name 'kilim' or 'kelim' is Turkish, and comes from the Persian gelim (گلیم) 'to spread roughly', which is probably of Mongolian origin.
Ardabil rugs feature motifs that are very similar to Caucasian rugs, but with more motifs and objects woven into the borders. The colors are also lighter. The patterns are predominantly geometric and the most common layouts on Ardabil rugs are medallions, multiple connected diamond-shaped medallions, and all-over octagonal shapes. The most recognized design found on Ardabil rugs is the famous Mahi (Herati) design - a diamond medallion and small fish throughout. Some modern weavers have begun to favor bold geometric patterns over the traditional Mahi (Herati) design and have added colors such as turquoise and purple to the more traditional red, pink, ivory, green, and blue.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Antique Print Bamboo Mats

Love this romantic shabby chic look with the script mats scattered on the floor...This is one of our favorite lines and the designer is so creative and an aspiring hard-working woman! Notice how the wrinkled burlap overlaps the linen fabric mixed with the script linen pillows-so yummy!
Here is an assortment of the mats so you can see how different they are all...

Love these bamboo mats that come in different designs and patterns that remind you of old French hotel logo and old English script alphabets. Each one is different and at very reasonable prices as well!

Here is one that we put down in a kitchen with old hardwood floors-if you can appreciate type setting then you will really like this one! It seems to ground this kitchen and looks great with the plastered walls....sometimes just simple little touches can add so much!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stonewall Raspberry Ice Cream

This recipe was on the front of our Summer postcard just sent out-Here is the recipe to print out and we have the Stonewall Raspberry Jam available now!

Serves: 3-4
1 1/2 cups half and half
1 cup whipping cream
1/3 cup plus 1 Tbsp. sugar
4 egg yolks
3/4 cup Stonewall Kitchen* Raspberry Jam or Sour Cherry Jam
Bring half and half and whipping cream to a simmer over medium low heat in a medium-heavy saucepan.
In a separate, medium size bowl, whisk egg yolks and sugar together.
When cream is heated, whisk hot cream into egg yolk mixture in a slow, steady drizzle. Return mixture to saucepan and return to stove. Stir continuously over medium-low heat until mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon. Do not boil.
Remove from heat and stir in 3/4-cup Black Raspberry Jam or Sour Cherry Jam until melted.
Cover with plastic wrap, setting the wrap directly onto the custard and chill. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer's directions.
Recipe Tips *To remove seeds from jam, heat over low heat and pass through a sieve.
click here to print recipe

Italian Vietri Dinnerware

Don't forget we carry a large selection of the Italian Vietri dinnerware-and will have another shipment in by Fall.
Meaning "fresh kitchen," the charming shapes of this dinnerware offer simple sophstication in muted cream, saffron and sage. First introduced in 1996, Cucina Fresca made history as the first in the casual dinnerware revolution. Since then, VIETRI has added dozens of colors to this family of dinnerware characterized by charming, distinct shapes and rustic deckled edges.
The combination of soothing cream with subtle terra cotta edges creates a statement of quiet elegance.
Translation: cream
Handmade of terra cotta in Tuscany
In the 1300's, peasants used rustic glazes on their hand-thrown pottery that separated during firing, exposing the terra cotta on the edges of the pieces. VIETRI reproduces these edges today using clear glazes.
Part of the Cucina Fresca Family of Dinnerware. Interested in ordering a collection? They have a wide selection to offer and we would be happy to order any pieces for you...

Margarita Bliss

Nothing says Summer more than margaritas in Mexican confetti glass. Our confetti glass is hand-blown and produced just outside of San Miguel, Mexico. One of the most charming cities to visit if you have never been, and the oldest city in Mexico.
To create different colors, various metal oxides are added. Small amounts of iron and sulfur will achieve amber and brown effects while green and aqua glasses require iron. Light blues need copper, while dark blues contain very small quantities of cobalt. They are now making Red rimed and colored glasses by adding small amounts of Gold. Confetti colors can also be achieved by adding crushed glass of the desired color.
Glass making was unintentionally discovered by potters around 3000 B.C. The glass blowing technique was invented around 100 B.C. The very first glass made in North America was in Mexico in 1535 by artisans brought by the Spanish from Europe. Although these original glassworks were short lived, glass blowing was reintroduced into Mexico hundreds of years ago and flourished, due largely to the simplicity of the ingredients and the ingenuity of the Mexican Arts and Crafts Tradition.
Authentic Mexican glassware contains a pontil, or a place on the bottom of the glass that indicates that the piece is mouth blown. The glass blower cuts the hot glass at that point when he is finished with the piece.

Burlap Pillows

Here is an up-close of some of the burlap script pillows in our cane black French chair....

Summer Postcard 2010

Well we finally got our Summer postcard out after many trial and tribulations getting it mailed! That seems to come with it-but in the end it's worth it-we hope! If you haven't received one in the mail or had a problem with yours please let us know.We can add you to the mailing list!
The postcard featured this summer is an antique American cow postcard from 1909-the original is over 100 years old.


"Warm summer sun, shine kindly here; Warm southern wind, blow softly here; Green sod above, lie light, lie light - Good night, dear heart, good night, good night." -Mark Twain

Linen Script Ottomans & Pillows

I'm in love with these petite script linen ottomans. Also in are burlap/linen pillows with antique script writing on the front of them, sewn on fabric stamps and scrolls-they're wonderful! The linen script tote bags from this company are also perfect for summer!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix

Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix will become a family favorite! This special blend of ingredients makes the best tasting waffles and pancakes. Try topping with any of our syrups, with one of our jams, or any of our fruit butters.

Stonewall Rasberry Muffin Mix & Syrup

This raspberry muffin mix looks so scrumptious! Would be delicious with butter and a little bit of raspberry jam! If you have never tried the Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle mix you are missing out! And so wonderful with the Stonewall Raspberry Syrup!
Warm from the oven these muffins are full of flavor, moist and delicious. Topped with Stonewall Kitchen Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam they are a perfect breakfast, snack or teatime treat. So easy to bake at home with just a few pantry staples.