Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Spice Muffin Mix

Fill the kitchen with the delicious aroma of home baked apple muffins made in minutes with this easy to make mix. Moist, flavorful melt-in-your mouth muffins are ready to bake in minutes with just a few added pantry staples.
Pick up your box today and serve with our Cinnamon Apple Jelly!

Cinnamon Apple Jelly

Our Cinnamon Apple Jelly is made with Granny Smith apples and a little lemon juice to make it tart and full of the flavor of a crisp, fresh apple…perfect for toast or a classic PB & J. We’ve simmered it with a hint of brandy to give it a distinctive sweetness that makes this jam wonderful added to pan sauces for chicken or pork.
Drop by and pick up your jar today!

Burlap Ribbon

We love to use burlap ribbon to wrap gifts with, to tie around a lantern handle, to use on a Fall wreath on a door. The most fabulous thing to use it for is edging on pillows. Come check out our burlap ribbon in natural, tea-stained and chocolate...

Fall Mailer

Our Fall Mailer will be making it's way to your home soon! On the front is a recipe for Warm Pumpkin Pudding Cake with Stonewall's Pumpkin Butter that we will be carrying shortly in the shop. On the back is inspiration for Fall ideas and also talks about new items in.
Email us if you would like to be on the mailing

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Fall Inspiration

Thanks Keita for letting us take a few Fall snapshots of your wonderful home. Hopefully this will inspire others the way it did us! Love this arrangement greeting you in the entry...Beautiful!
Tea carts are a fabulous way to display seasonal vignettes and also very usable to serve from. This one has been crackled and distressed with a caramel finish. What a great job they did!

Love this butcher block in the center of her kitchen filled with goodies...

The French corner piece is so wonderful here and seems to fit perfectly!

This Fall table is beautiful with the bright yellow sunflowers and baskets...

The distressed cream furniture, dark wood floors, pale blue rug, and cream bedding are just so inviting in this room. She did a great job pulling it all together...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Harvest Table

Thanks Keita for the wonderful breakfast! Here are all the girls at the table-so fulfilling surrounding yourself with such creative and inspiring women! Here is Roseanna in pink shirt, to the left Keita, Venita, D'Ann, and Kathy...
Fall harvest table filled with a beautiful centerpiece!

Love the old picnic basket in the center with the open burlap sack with Fall goodies spilling out. What beautiful things!

Taryn Criswell & Chad Minter Shower

Taryn Criswell & Chad Minter Wedding Shower
October 16th, 2010

Crema & Chocolate Vietri Dinnerware and tortoise glassware.

Tortoise, crock set, and cheese knifes.

Vietri Chocolate chargers and salad plates and white linen napkins.
Please feel free to give us a call at 806-293-3588 for more information on items or to place an order.

One Charming Chicken House!

Well we had our quarterly employee breakfast at Keita's house for the Fall. Thank-you for the wonderful breakfast and hospitality-we all enjoyed so much! This is her chicken house in her backyard-I think it is the most precious thing I have ever seen!
All her girls have names and I'm not sure who this is-but perhaps Dinah? These are large bantam hens which lay the most beautiful pale blue and green eggs. And they are so sweet!
Check out this chicken window!

Oh even a Fall wreath on the door-so inspiring! What fun! More pictures to come....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RL Fall Display

Snapped this quick picture of this Ralph Lauren display in Dallas this past weekend. Love the white dishes, ruffled white linen napkins, and grey/silver taffeta tablecloth. Notice the center antiqued urn filled with mossy branches and the dried hydrangeas tucked in the smaller vase.
So beautiful yet somewhat simple?
Wouldn't this look be beautiful for Christmas? It just needs some fresh cedar tucked in around the table!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Spode Turkey Platter-***Fall Special***

This beautiful very large Spode turkey platter is a Fall special this season! This 20" x 15" platter is $158.95...Come in to see this piece and order yours today for Thanksgiving!

Featuring an illustration of a plump wild American turkey, this big 20" Woodland well-and-tree turkey platter is perfect for Thanksgiving! This sturdy Imperialware platter is heirloom quality and will be appreciated for years to come--especially at Thanksgiving.

Central to the charm of Spode's Woodland pattern are the striking illustrations of different animals on each piece. Every Woodland item is framed by the rich "British Flowers" border, a Victorian design from the Spode archives. If you like this piece, be sure to check out Spode's entire Woodland line--available to you here at Bonnes Amies.
Also on it's way Spode turkey salad plates, gravy boat, and other wonderful Spode Woodland pieces. Including a new 20" x 15" pheasant platter! It's exactly like the turkey platter but has a pheasant in the center-So exciting!

Spode Grove Your Only Chance!

We're getting in the last of Spode Grove without the Christmas Tree(it's only on the salad plate). We will be one of very few that carries this China because it was a factory mistake. It's beautiful and a fantastic price at $48.95 a place setting! We will be happy to ship-you will not be able to find these anywhere else and at this wonderful price.

We're ordering turkey Spode salad plates for Fall that are perfect mixed with the Grove. These dishes will be gone forever after this season. I have purchased them for everyday use and they have washed beautifully and make my evenings when we use them! Please don't miss out!

More Wonderful Things For Fall....

Love these large mercury acorns(they are huge!) dropped in these rustic metal terrariums....Equestrian is huge this Fall-come check out some of our wonderful equestrian horse dishes and prints! Always thought these pewter/silver deer head lamps would be wonderful at a cabin....