Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Shop Bonnes Amies

In the Spring of 1988 I was looking to open a business in Plainview, Texas. Going up and down 5th Street quite often I'd always notice this sad little house standing alone and dreary. It inspired me and thoughts of possibilities streamed through my head.
It inspired me and thoughts of possibilities streamed through my head. I bought it and spent four hard long months with a carpenter everyday transforming it's inner beauty into what it is today.

This past year our shop which was built in the 1920's and was originally a tiny farmhouse got a well needed face lift. Stucco on the outside covered the old yellow paint that was chipping, we painted the shutters a bright and vibrant peacock blue...the old lattice fence was torn down around the store and replaced with these painted beam fence. Every spring we plant a row of tomatoes, basil, and rosemary down this fence line. Maybe this summer they will do better pray for rain!

The great guys that did the stucco also placed these beautiful flagstones in various patches to give our shop that European old look. The trim was painted the same color as the stucco so that the whole building would flow together. New awnings were ordered in black and screen printed in cream with Bonnes Amies...

This picture was taken in early November just when the large pear tree in the front started to turn. How seasons come and go...Let us help you with your design and decorating ideas. Remember our goal is to service you...bridal registry, take telephone orders, mail your gifts, and delivery in town...and add a little inspiration...continuously. With gratitude we look forward to seeing you soon.