Thursday, March 30, 2023

Thymes Lemon Leaf🍋💛

Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the summer sun enter your home with Thymes Lemon Leaf.
We love the countertop spray & dishwashing liquid. The linen spray is heavenly misted on sheets...the hand wash and lotion set makes a sweet cheerful gift!
Creating clean fresh smells that match the endorphin releasing high of cleaning itself, Lemon Leaf enhances the joy of cleaning by transforming spaces into a citrus-filled paradise, sparking creativity, boosting mood with this sunny scent.
Lemon Leaf Surface Scrub is one of my favorite cleaning products! Gently remove built-up grime and grease from household surfaces like stainless steel, ceramic, stovetops, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and sinks with Thymes Surface Scrub. Featured ingredients baking soda and extracts of fennel and parsley effectively clean while the Lemon Leaf fragrance creates a citrus filled escape for the home.
Lemon Leaf Concentrated Laundry Detergent is Sunny and sparkling, this natural 2x concentrated liquid laundry detergent removes tough stains and creates a fresh, fragrance-filled laundry experience.
Lemon Leaf Fabric Softener Enjoy a moment of escape with this uplifting Lemon Leaf fragranced fabric softener. Naturally derived and cruelty-free, this formula will leave your sheets feeling soft and static free. 

The. Ultimate Spring/Easter Home🐰

Mister Bunny Rabbit has arrived at this home. Forcythia abloom, bunnies peeking around cabbage leaves, and spring floral a burst. A transformation of dreary winter into glorious spring! Happy Easter to our sweet friend!

Photo Shoot💗

A Saturday well spent trying on Magnolia Pearl for a Spring photo shoot. So much fun and wishing to take home each treasured piece! Keita’s daughter was in Round Top today and sent a few pictures of a M.P. store wishing we were in hill country today…
If you haven’t read Robin’s story please take the time it is truly amazing.
“Like any true creator, Robin eschews repetition and works tirelessly, piecing together vintage fabric and lace fragments to make exquisite, one-of-a-kind garments that will last a lifetime and longer. Owning one of Robin’s pieces is owning something ephemeral and special. While Robin firmly plants her heart in the thriving soil of Magnolia Pearl along Highway 290 that she and her husband constructed from humble beginnings, her art remains a gypsy—always and forever on the move. In the world of clothing and fashion Magnolia Pearl invents its own category, so authentic and original it defies competition.
She also encourages the art of learning to ask for help and says, “A smart woman isn’t a woman who can do everything. A smart woman is a woman who can get everything done”. Finally, we should always create with the intention of making the world a better place.”

Floral Appliqué Overalls🐣

All peeps this morning in the adorable Floral Appliqué Overalls for Spring! Have you seen Taylor Swift wearing these overalls? Who says sweetness isn’t tough? Our Floral Appliqué Overalls get it all done and then some, with a tenacious cuteness and compassion that transforms the simplest tasks into profound acts of grace and gratitude. Versatile in style and fit, but steady in sentiment.
Each Magnolia Pearl item is cut "One Size Fits Most". Lay Away Available at store. 
Each Magnolia Pearl piece itself is a story. The kind you think you know inside-out, but find new details revealed with each telling. Snippets of fairy tales overlay Huck Finn imagery, bolts of myth underpin psychedelic legends, and beneath it all, within it, resides you, the most glorious story of them all.
Our garments are just along for the ride -- pieces of thread and light, sewn summations of surrender, and dreams, with a poem on the sleeve.

Velvet Carrots & Eggs🥕🐇

Fresh from the garden these handmade velvet carrots with handcut green feather tops make us smile. Filled with crushed hazelnuts and dyed in colors such as apricot, carrot, salmon & persimmons they are pretty special. Scatter them on your dining table for Easter or put a few in your kitchen. Our NEW silk velvet eggs with velvet ribbon are handmade by artisans…bright & colorful mix them in with your velvet carrots! Look how Keita tied them to her cloche over her carrot cake for Easter. We love these velvet carrots. Handmade with love in the USA.