Friday, June 26, 2020

Thank You!!

We are truly grateful and blessed to have wonderful customers!🌻We love wrapping up some of our bright sunflowers for them to take home for some cheer! Thank you to everyone for shopping with us we appreciate you so much and here to serve you!💛

Sunflower Birch Wreath

Happy Weekend!!🌻”Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.” Love one of our birch wreaths filled with sunflowers and tied with burlap mesh ribbon.

Fresh from Pennsylvania our handmade wild and wooly birch wreaths have arrived that everyone has anxiously waited for! Freshly intertwined now is the time to perfectly twist them and arrange them to hang on your porch to make it amazing!! Also wonderful hanging from mirrors with wonderful ribbon...keep them simple or gussy them up with yellow sunflowers and red poppies.💛
Handmade Birch Wreaths Prices:
10” $20.00
12” $24.00
15” $32.00
18” $38.00

Before & After: Traditional Home Move In

Before & After: A bright and colorful pillow picked out for the bedroom set the tone for the whole room. Love the color!! The easiest way to refresh a bathroom is new white towels and new artwork.
A beautiful home in Canyon overlooking the canyons and small lake has new owners. She loves her formal European antiques and he likes rustic casual pieces with color and texture. It’s not easy to merge the two styles but so satisfying to see the end results! Love the feel of this home and how both of their styles are now one!

Bakery Pendant Light Fixture

Where would you hang this beautiful Bakery Pendant Light Fixture??💡This farmhouse-style bakery pendant light fixture features textured glass and a metal rubbed bronze finish. $96.00 each

7 Unexpected Places to Hang Pendant Lights
Reading Nooks. Lantern pendants are wonderful options for small, modernized spaces – reading nooks in particular. ...
Breakfast Nooks. Out the door before the sun comes up? ...
The Home Office. Boost your productivity with lighting that thinks outside the cubicle. ...
Just to the Side. ...
The Bedroom. ...
The Hallway. ...
The Coffee Table.
Above a Kitchen Island.

🍯Sopapilla Mix & Whipped Cinnamon Honey

Restock on our popular Sopapilla mix and pick up a jar of whipped cinnamon honey to go with it!🍯This is the easiest mix to make and they are wonderful!!👩‍🍳 Serve with honey, cinnamon, sugar or powdered sugar for an out of this world dessert! As a fry bread, top with refried beans or your choice of cheese and ground beef for a special Southwestern meal!

🍋Summer Sorbet fragrance

The smell of home, summer, and sunshine.💛Summer Sorbet has arrived and it’s cool and refreshing melon and citrus fragrance fills the Home with invigorating ambiance. A long-time favorite blend of summer fruits and flowers with the fragrance of citrus and melon! A beautiful botanical potpourri this popular fragrance is resplendent with the colors of - bright white, lemon-yellow and lime green.🍋🍋🍋

Pasta Salad

This tasty pasta salad is a one of our favorite summertime staples!👩‍🍳We have a variety of wonderful artisan pastas to choose from as well! $4.95 each Tricolor Fusilli, Penne Rigate, Linguine, and Farfalle Pasta available.🍝 Simply cook up your preferred cut of pasta, add in some fresh or roasted veggies and drizzle on a zingy dressing. Presto! You have an easy, flavorful dish that can be customized to fit with any picnic spread or backyard barbecue.

🌻Summer Gifts

We have been wrapping up some super cute Summer gifts this week!🌻From garden crystals to thymes lavender honey products to fun men’s gifts.

Jan Barboglio

Can’t you see these two Jan Barboglio art pieces making a wonderful summer display in your home?!🤍Eternal Archangel, LIMITED EDITION 137 of 500. Stone and gesso angel with nickel butterfly crown and white blessing beads with flowers. Each signed and numbered by Jan Barboglio. Limited edition of 500. The Saint Christopher Statue is an incredible sight - featuring a cast stone St. Christopher holding a stone sphere, illuminated by the hand-forged iron aura behind him. Lay Away Available.🥰

🌈Restock Summer Consuela Totes

🌈New Consuela Totes have arrived again in the Jumbo Meg Marino Stripe, Mini Lola Snow Leopard, Maya Tropical, and Gem Ocean Leopard. Loving the large Maya Tropical and Lola Snow Leopard Totes! These make perfect graduation gifts and the prices are great!! WHAT MAKES IT RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME?
🌼Our Basic Grab-n-Go Bag holds a ton and can be easily folded into your everyday bag, stashed under your car seat, or thrown in the grocery cart. Use this unlined utility tote as a beach bag, gym bag or carry-all; the options are endless! 🌺Our Mini Grab-n-Go Bag is perfect for carrying your lunch or giving gifts and folds easily to fit inside your everyday bag. This unlined utility tote in easy-to-clean ConsuelaCloth™ is the smallest of our Grab-n-Go favorites.
💛 Our Meg Jumbo Bag is the largest of our unlined utility totes. It features our striped denim exterior and is a perfect pool or beach bag, easy to fold and store under your car seat.
Large Consuela Tote $35.95
Mini Consuela Tote $25.95
Jumbo Meg Stripe Tote $125.00

We have been wrapping the cutest Consuela Totes up for summer! These make a perfect gift and the prices are great!!