Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

More market pics in Tournon

Such a beautiful display of cheeses. France has nearly 500 different types of cheeses. You can eat a different cheese every day of the year and still not try them all!
Venita Faye eats French cheese like it's going out of style but I guess I cannot aquire the taste for these cheeses!

Sausages wrapped in pigs stomach...hungry? Baskets are used from displaying market goods to carrying your groceries home.

This mix of bright and colorful Fall mums is so pretty!

To market to market...

Here is a beautiful bike parked in front of a bakery early this morning to pick up baguettes and bread.
French chickens! Don't fret too much we were told they are usually just bought for eggs.

This French rooster could go home with me and meet "the girls". He might say "Bonjour Mademoiselle!"

Beautiful fruits and vegetables...

La Cure Gourmande

These candies are called "Artisan Sucrecuitier" and I think this is very close to what a candy store in heaven would be? Yes? You buy different kinds of cookies by the gram and fill your sacks...heavenly!
These are candied fruits-here are mandarin oranges, figs, apricots, strawberries, and peaches. 'Ol Dusty boy keeps telling me these are made to look like fruit but the strawberries I purchased have sugared green leaves on them.

Their website is they sell the most beautiful candy tins and chocolates. You purchase it by the euro...

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Market

So here we are at an antique market in Arles. So many beautiful things-I think I now love Limouge fish plates and platters(although they are way out of my budget!) Love these old stows/fur wraps from the 1910's-odd little critters! Looking forward to more antiques!!!

Olives In The Countryside

This was an olive tree in the countryside in Arles at an olive orchard. The orchard was owned by a family for nearly twenty years but the location and buildings grew olives since the 17th century. They use rakes and nets to get the olives off of the treees when they are ready.

Here are the olives gathered and mixed together. The green and black olives are from the same trees-the black olives are just more ripe. For the best olive oil they press olives from different trees from around the region.

Here is a mixture-People that bring their olives to the press mill ask for oil in return. This mill produces some of the best olive oil in this region of France.

Here is the press squeezing out the fresh olive oil. Their website is The mill is called Mas des Barres-a wonderful place!

Here is a view of the lines of olive trees-now we can appreciate delicious olives and the oil. What a process!

Vines Crawling in Arles

Loved this old stone building in Arles with frosted ivy crawling up it. The white shutters popped on the grey stone.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arles, Frances

On the northern tip of the Camargue, Arles is the capital of Provence and was once known as the "Little Rome of Gaul". Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by the special light of the Provence and spent a very productive year in Arles.
Overlooking the countryside in Arles.

This small cart in the church below carries a lamb at Christmas throughout the church. Each three bleets represents the father, the son, and the holy ghost.

The light and stain glass inside the church was beautiful...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Southern-Style Caramel Apples

Branch out and get creative with some of our favorite caramel apple toppings. Please note: We used Southern magnolia twigs; other branches may render the apples inedible. When in doubt, use craft sticks or large pretzel sticks.

More Creepy Crawly Desserts

Witches’ Brew Chicken Soup

Fill your little goblins' bellies with Witches’ Brew Chicken Soup before sending them out to trick-or-treat. The soup is filling and easy and will help keep them warm as round the neighborhood.

Click Here For More Eerie Entrées

Restaurant Le Perousin

Just a walk down from Villa Estelle was Le Perousin nestled between Nice and Cannes, in the medieval village of Haut-de-Cagnes . Such a wonderful & charming restaurant with a fantastic host the chef himself and his wife. Rock floors and white stucco walls adorn their abode and the meals were delicious! We loved the tied herbs in the oven, the copper pots and scales above, and his beef marinated in white wine and creme brulee for dessert. A+++

Here is their spinach-filled risotto in a small ceramic handled dish. Delicious on a rainy evening!

Villa Estelle Photos

French linen chair in bedroom with deer pelt...pale blue walls.
Watering cans in cement tub outside on patio....Love these and love the faucet!

Overlooking patio from bedroom.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tweed & Red Leather RL Chair

This chair begs for me to purchase him and take him home. Red leather, Ralph Lauren tweed fabric, and a tiny leopard fabric trims out the bottom of the chair. You sink into this oversized chair it's just fabulous.
Shown also is one of the needlepoint pillows we talked about in our Fall mailer.

Burlap Ribbon & Croc Footstools

Here is our collection of burlap ribbons. They are wonderul to loop around a Fall wreath on your door or wrapped around a beautiful Fall gift. I have bought some recently to hang antique prints from the wall and to overlap an old French grain sack. The possibilities are endless. These croc footstools in are also fantastic and the perfect size!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Afternoon At St. Paul

Here we are shopping away!
Love this old rock and turquoise church.

Leaves turning through a cafe window.

Here we are waiting for our baguette sandwiches and French fries.

Love this wonderful turquoise door leading up to this rock pathway.

Antique French Jars

Oh here is just a little taste of the antiquités that adorn Villa Estelle. Perhaps tomorrow we can find more old goodies!

Villa Estelle in Nice, France

After arriving yesterday after a long journey we have made it to Villa Estelle in Nice. In the heart of the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur), nestled between Nice and Cannes, stands the medieval village of Haut-de-Cagnes, a heritage site classed as a “Monument of France”...
This picture was taken out of our bedroom window-so charming!

Looking down a hall of beautiful arches and stone floor. The Villa is from the 14th century and has such charm and age...

This is the fantastic kitchen I got to take a sneak peak in-love the stucco adobe-colored walls and the firewood stacked next to the stove.

This is the main dining area down stairs...

Here is me and Miss Venita walking to dinner last night. Our legs could hardly carry us to go eat pasta and pizza margarite. The cobblestone streets are filled with many little kitties at night and vehicles that zoom by.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Display

Love this standing pedestal hurricane, horn frame, and Navajo-inspired baskets. So wonderful for Fall! Do drop by and see all of our new and wonderful items that we have got in!

Transferware For Fall

Brown transferware is especially beautiful right now...Be sure to drop by and take a look at all of our new Spode Woodland in and Spode Grove.
A collection on a wall can make quite a statement!

Decorating With Pumpkins

Pumpkin Wreath

Pick up mini pumpkins from the grocery store, and put them to good use. With these simple steps, it’s easy to do.

Pumpkin Topiary

Create a new twist on tradition with a pumpkin topiary on your porch.

Petite Pumpkins

Regardless of your age, you’ll have a ball carving these irresistibly adorable ‘Wee-B-Little’ pumpkins. Try these tips when working with pint-sized pumpkins.

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