Saturday, June 1, 2024

Restock-“Beth Dutton” Porcupine Quill Hoops🤍

Restock on a bestseller! Our first order sold out fast. “Beth Dutton” Porcupine Quill Hoops, handmade and so unique. Made in Montana. Love mixing antique brass with sterling silver. These natural porcupine quills are set in recycled .22 bullet casings hung from 1” brass hoops beautiful!
Solid brass cuffs, finished in a striking gold color, are adorned with natural turquoise stones. Perfect for formal occasions and showcases a minimalist style with a nod to nature. 
Beth Porcupine Quill Earrings $64.00
Turquoise Brass Hook Earrings $46.00
Turquoise Brass Studs: $58.00
Antique Brass Bracelets:
Multi Turquoise Stone $82.00
Single Stone Wide Turquoise Bracelet $68.00
Single Stone Delicate Turquoise Bracelet $54.00 & $42.00
Sage Green Suede Antique Brass Bracelet $28.00
Leather Braider Bolo Necklace $124.00
Quill Necklace $58.00
Quill Necklace with Turquoise Stone $66.00
Simple Turquoise Brass Necklace $42.00