Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Scents of the Hill Country, Warm Leather, Summer Campfires

Discovered the most amazing handcrafted specialized Texas scents in San Antonio. Intoxicating Eau de Parfum and Face & Body Oil fragrances has arrived in Yellow Rose, High Desert, Cuero, Green Vetiver, and my personal favorite TX Lavender. Fragrances are 100% natural.
Face & Body Oil $24.00 Each
Texas Eau De Parfum Set $45.00
Cuero: Based off the Cuir de Russie scents of the early 20th century, Cuero follows in the footsteps of the androgynous classics while injecting the warmth of Texas and Mexico. Wonderful Men’s Scent as well.
Top: bright citrus, soft florals, dusty woods
Heart: jasmine, leather, cypress
Base: labdanum, smoke, vetiver
Green Vetiver: Timeless. Genderless. A heritage scent. An ode to a bygone era. A classic musky-citrus chypre.
Top: pressed lime peel, citrus, coriander
Heart: green neroli, rosemary, white rose
Base: vetiver, musk, moss
TX Lavender: Rolling vistas of the Hill Country, surrounded by vineyards and orchards. Fields of lavender growing in rocky soil. A callout to the savannah-like Spanish Dehesa in the heart of Texas.
Top: bergamot, pressed lemon peel, dry cedar
Heart: lavender absolute, geranium, tonka bean
Base: frankincense, spiced musk, labdanum
High Desert: A dusty trailhead scent. A night sky in West Texas. Like stumbling upon a summer watering hole in New Mexico.
Top: spiced coriander, texas grapefruit, dusty cedar
Heart: trailside herbs, sage, additional dusty cedar
Base: birch tar, labdanum, smoked vetiver
Discovery Set - Eau De Parfum Set: Want to sample each of our natural edp (eau de parfum) fragrances before choosing? This set allows you to test each of the scents. Each sample includes roughly 5-14 days worth of wear.
Cuero - Face & Body Oil & Green Vetiver - Face & Body Oil: This dry oil formulation lightly perfumes while providing moisture to skin. 
**Notes of dusty cedar, green wood, and smokey leather. To use, place a few drops on palm or cotton pad, apply over face morning and night to nourish and hydrate. Can be used on wet, post-shower skin as a moisturizer. This lightweight, dry oil was formulated to aid in moisture retention without leaving skin oily.
A Texas-based company that reflects the hard work and dedication of their creation. Craftsmen, born of the heat and pollen and pine trees of the southern states. Descendants of electricians and brick layers. We believe in hospitality, humility, and hard work. This is the warmth we try to bring to every product we manufacture.