Monday, February 23, 2015

The Boss

“Sometimes it's worth lingering on the journey for a while before getting to the destination.” 
― Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell

Large Old Door Hand Painted Bookcase

 This wonderful bookcase is handmade and hand painted by skilled craftsman. It is made out of wonderful old rustic doors that are heavy and unique! One of kind piece that is truly a treasure! Loving the mixture of colors used...turquoise, creams, and greys...take him home today.
These heavy large antique doors and old pillar and door frames make this bookcase beautiful!  

Taka Box Coffee Table

 This taka box coffee table's features are old, wonderful, and unique. Each tala box is truly one of a kind and was made by a master craftsman. The detail and design of a Taka Box are rarely seen today. They were used for personal storage and family belongings. They make a wonderful large console table or side chest.
The table features antiqued hardware, a distressed finish, including remnants of blue paint in the front, molded roller feet, and a lid that opens for ample storage.

Double Kilim Foot Stools

 Kick your feet up with one of these double kilim foot stools. Handcrafted in the same venerable traditions that date back millennia and a hardwood frame that is appointed with supportive cushioning. Slight variations in pattern and color attest to the stools' handmade nature and make each one unique!

Most commonly associated with rugs, kilim is a timeless fabric handcrafted by special flatweaving techniques passed down through generations. A word of Turkish origin, the literal translation of kilim is "to spread roughly." The art of kilim is steeped in cultural practices, with weaving methods varying among families and regions. Its presence is prominent in the textile markets of Turkey, North Africa, Central Asia, and areas of the Middle East.

The unique look of kilim is achieved by interweaving multi-colored wool fibers to make a flatweave. The resulting knotted materials are shorn off to create a level surface, revealing the geometric patterns and unusual texture distinctive to kilim products. Wool is the primary material used to produce kilim, though cotton is occasionally interlaced. Besides being a plentiful resource in the kilim-making regions, wool is inherently pliant, durable, and receptive to dyes, making it ideal for the intense weaving processes and dramatic hues tied to the kilim tradition.

Two Door Turquoise Old Door Console

 This great two door rustic console was created from old doors. Hand crafted and one of a kind in design, color, and size the quality of this piece is visible within the creator's craftsmanship. Perfect size for an entry, bedroom, or living area it is a heavy and well-made piece...

The old doors on this console are very heavy and thick as you can see has great storage as well. Yes we do have a lay away don't be afraid to ask! A fantastic piece!

Bold, Colorful Geometric Pillows + Acid Washed Cowhide Pillows

Native style comes home with these bold, colorful geometric pillows. High-quality cotton construction ensures lasting beauty. The Kilm-inspired, chain-stitched design is embroidered with a geometric pattern for a modern style sure to enhance your home.
 These great large pillows add a punch of brightness and interest to your pillows can make a world of difference! Turquoise, Red, Brown, Black and White Exotic Cowhide Print Throw Pillows are fun! The acid washed cowhide pillows in turquoise and red mix in well and add some interest...

New Spring Linen Clothing & Soft Knits Are In...

If you have enjoyed wearing our tunic and legging sets you will love the spring line that is in. Soft blush pinks and greys are so pretty for early Spring. We are also mixing one of our favorite linen clothing lines that ties in great with the layered look.
All linen garments are made from 100% natural source linen fabric that has special washing process garment dyeing. This process creates a sophisticated look that is easy and comfortable to wear. The slight color variations or minor slubs (color shading) are characteristics of the fabric, giving this garment its natural beauty and comfort.
If you haven't tried on our tunic & legging sets you need to! So comfortable and just arrived in is more of their super cute sweaters, dark denim tummy tuck leggings, and other knit tops that go with the layered look. A company that is famous for their seamless basics in the softest stretchiest knits as well as their casual clothing. They actually make you look and feel skinny!

This soft aqua linen tie up skirt is 100% linen and so beautiful! 
The soft and stretchy tunic top is what is worn underneath to give a seamless smooth look and also longer length for more coverage. Looks great layered with their soft leggings which are available in a cropped soft grey.
These 100% cream linen gauze tops with large pockets are so cute with the denim leggings and soft long tunic tank underneath(shown above).
Also a great top to be worn with the dark grey leggings or soft grey cropped leggings...
Here it is again shown with soft cropped grey leggings..all legging have a high waist tummy tuck so they are always comfortable and fit well.
This two tone grey pointelle duster is so soft and pretty mixed...

These ruffled linen pants are so perfect for spring...I can see a fitted black or white tee or bright tunic tank with them. Layer as you wish!

Soft striped boatneck drop shoulder cute with the cream tunic underneath and grey leggings.
Here is the light mesh sweater in a soft pink with the cropped grey jacquard leggings and cream tunic tank underneath...
Keep on layering and mixing....
Our linen tops come in this beautiful soft aqua that is so cute mixed with our new leggings...
This linen v-neck with rimples comes in grey and white...especially cute matched with the ruffled linen pants. These lines are some of our favorites! They are comfortable, versatile, and the price points are great! We welcome you to try them you will love mixing and matching and adding to your collection.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope someone wraps something up sweet for you on Valentine's Day!
"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love." -- Mother Theresa

Valentine's Day Party beautiful!!!

Red, white and pink can mean only one thing: Valentine's Day is here! This home is ready to celebrate the sweetest day of the year and is so beautiful to celebrate a day of love. Love the mix of red and pink tulips and the mercury red glass hearts tucked here and there it was much fun to bring it together!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clementine Hunter Collection

The memories of the things Clementine Hunter loved and observed during her life on the Melrose Plantation are portrayed on this lovely collection we recently had fun displaying. Her famous paintings of cotton pickings, washdays, pecan pickings, weddings, baptisms, funerals and other scenes of life on Melrose have made her works an important part of American history. The Clementine Hunter ceramic collection is entirely made by hand and hand-painted. No two pieces are alike. Each piece has its own distinctive shape whose textured surface allows you to feel the passion in her work. Hang them on your wall, display them on your bookshelf, use them as a centerpiece for your table or make them your favorite serving pieces for any occasion.
 Shown above is "BAPTISM ON CANE RIVER" Clementine Hunter depicts the ritual of baptizing new church members in the Cane River. This was always a celebrated event in Natchitoches, Louisiana. "PICKING AND HAULING COTTON" Clementine shows picking cotton and hauling the cotton to the gin on a horse drawn cart. "COTTON WAGON" Clementine records the horse drawn wagon hauling cotton from the fields to the gin as it was done for hundreds of years prior to mechanization coming to agriculture. "PECAN PICKING" Clementine depicts the large pecan trees and the hard work of thrashing the trees and bending down to pick up the pecans.
 "ZINNIAS LOOKING AT YOU" Each summer the Zinnias were in bloom at Melrose Plantation. Zinnias were Clementine Hunter's favorite flower.
"GOOSTER HAULING FLOWERS" Clementine Hunter has a Gooster hauling a cart of Zinnias, her favorite flower.
Louisiana’s most famous artist, Clementine Hunter, was born in 1886 at Hidden Hill Plantation below Cloutierville, Louisiana. At a young age, Clementine moved to Melrose Plantation where she lived and worked until her death in 1988 at age 101. Clementine first worked in the cotton fields and pecan groves until Miss Cammie Henry, the owner of Melrose, brought her into the "Big House" to clean and cook. It was here that she came in contact with visiting writers and artists, including New Orleans artist Alberta Kinsley, whose work inspired Clementine to try painting. Without formal training, she produced colorful memory paintings that captured every day life on Melrose Plantation. Her paintings are recognized as a narrative telling the story of plantation life during the time before mechanization came to agriculture. Her pictures of cotton pickings, washdays, pecan pickings, weddings, baptisms, funerals and other scenes of life on Melrose, have made her works coveted around the world. Clementine Hunter is considered one of the most important self-taught American artists of the 20th century. Her works can be seen in the Smithsonian Institution, The American Folk Art Museum and countless other museums and private collections.
With every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Clementine Hunter's estate to further promote Clementine Hunter. All ceramics are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Secret Garden

“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"..."It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...”  -Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden
 Love these estate stone St. Francis figures for the garden and especially love this large and wonderful European-style metal water fountain...a beautiful accent piece for that special spot on your patio.
 This sweet garden girl is wonderfully large and detailed holding a bouquet of flowers...what a wonderful gift she would make for the avid gardner. I can see her peering out from a rose garden or tucked in a bed full of herbs.
 Our love for bell jars will never end...they hold sweet bird's nest, potted violets or pansies, a stack of saucers and teacups, or maybe a collection of black and white photos...use your imagination!