Thursday, June 27, 2024

Magnolia Pearl Patchwork MP Malibu 1865 Dress🌻

D’Ann is sitting in the garden contemplating in the Magnolia Pearl Patchwork MP Malibu 1865 Dress.
A beautiful concoction of patchwork flower gardens, strawberry fields, and hand-stitched love in every little nook. A perfect cool smock for summertime.
It takes time to live into the lessons - collections of sensations, experience, spinning until it clicks.
European Cotton
Large Magnolia Pearl Malibu Graphic on Front
Circus Font Graphic-Print “LOVE” on Back
Reversible Front-to-Back
Metal Snap Closure and Gathers at Neckline
MP Love Co. Patch
Each Magnolia Pearl item is cut “One Size Fits Most”.
Lay Away welcome. Shipping available.
**Not every story is written in words...
Robin Brown, Magnolia Pearl’s creator and designer, speaks in thread, her mother tongue. Piecing together a life of discarded scraps and torn fragments, Brown built Magnolia Pearl out of sheer hope. Formally launched in 2002, what has grown over the years from these humble beginnings is nothing short of a miracle.
The gratitude and awe in the wake of such wonder is woven into each Magnolia Pearl garment, clothing intended to grace the vastness of the human expression, with an eye to sustainability and ease of movement. Magnolia Pearl’s aim is to attire all with a sense of integrity and lightness, resilience and bewilderment.