Friday, June 5, 2020

🌈New Consuela Totes

🌈New Consuela Totes have arrived which is your favorite pattern? Loving the new Goldie tote! These make perfect graduation gifts and the prices are great!! WHAT MAKES IT RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME?
🌼Our Basic Grab-n-Go Bag holds a ton and can be easily folded into your everyday bag, stashed under your car seat, or thrown in the grocery cart. Use this unlined utility tote as a beach bag, gym bag or carry-all; the options are endless! 
🌺Our Mini Grab-n-Go Bag is perfect for carrying your lunch or giving gifts and folds easily to fit inside your everyday bag. This unlined utility tote in easy-to-clean ConsuelaCloth™ is the smallest of our Grab-n-Go favorites.
Large Consuela Tote $35.95
Large Consuela Goldie Tote $59.95
Mini Consuela Tote $25.95
Mini Consuela Goldie Tote $35.95
*Some totes are being restocked have been sold out.