Sunday, June 13, 2010

Antique Print Bamboo Mats

Love this romantic shabby chic look with the script mats scattered on the floor...This is one of our favorite lines and the designer is so creative and an aspiring hard-working woman! Notice how the wrinkled burlap overlaps the linen fabric mixed with the script linen pillows-so yummy!
Here is an assortment of the mats so you can see how different they are all...

Love these bamboo mats that come in different designs and patterns that remind you of old French hotel logo and old English script alphabets. Each one is different and at very reasonable prices as well!

Here is one that we put down in a kitchen with old hardwood floors-if you can appreciate type setting then you will really like this one! It seems to ground this kitchen and looks great with the plastered walls....sometimes just simple little touches can add so much!