Saturday, June 12, 2010

Italian Vietri Dinnerware

Don't forget we carry a large selection of the Italian Vietri dinnerware-and will have another shipment in by Fall.
Meaning "fresh kitchen," the charming shapes of this dinnerware offer simple sophstication in muted cream, saffron and sage. First introduced in 1996, Cucina Fresca made history as the first in the casual dinnerware revolution. Since then, VIETRI has added dozens of colors to this family of dinnerware characterized by charming, distinct shapes and rustic deckled edges.
The combination of soothing cream with subtle terra cotta edges creates a statement of quiet elegance.
Translation: cream
Handmade of terra cotta in Tuscany
In the 1300's, peasants used rustic glazes on their hand-thrown pottery that separated during firing, exposing the terra cotta on the edges of the pieces. VIETRI reproduces these edges today using clear glazes.
Part of the Cucina Fresca Family of Dinnerware. Interested in ordering a collection? They have a wide selection to offer and we would be happy to order any pieces for you...