Friday, September 7, 2012

Rocki Gorman Naja & Cross Pendants

I could take each three of these gorgeous Rocki Gorman pendants home with me and treasure them forever! Large in size they are each a piece of art and the colors are so vibrant and stunning. The first cross is filled with kingman turquoise, denim lapis, and apple coral aged just to perfection!
The Naja pendant in the middle is such a find and would be beautiful with the tres platos silver beads. The inverted crescent pendant on squash-blossom necklaces, called the 'Naja' by the Navajo, is found in various design forms throughout the world cultures. As a crescent, this form goes back as far as the Paleolithic period. It is mentioned in the book of Judges as an ornament worn around the necks of camels. In the Phoenician culture, Astarte was the goddess of fertility and she was represented by the inverted crescent as well. As pendants, the inverted crescent has also been found in ancient Roman, and Crete artifacts. Coming from another direction in North America, the inverted crescent symbol was on various types of trade goods brought from the East coast by other Europeans. The crescent pendant was used from the early 1800's on, by the Shawnee, Delaware, Cheyenne, Comanche and Navajo tribes, among others.
The last cross is apple coral which to me is so unusual in color and texture especially with the stamped sterling edges and extra large bell attached to it.
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