Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feather Your Nest

One of our new books in is "Nell Hill's Feather Your Nest" an interior design book from design guru Mary Carol Garrity. Mary Carol empowers home owners to create personal spaces that epitomize their own unique tastes and interests. Step-by-step and twig-by-twig, Garrity encourages budding home designers to discover what works for them and create a plan, or decorating blueprint, to continue that style throughout the entire home.

Lauded by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NBC's Today show, and more, Mary Carol shows home owners how to bring the outside in, while also encouraging the use of more traditional items like silverware or china to highlight the home by being displayed in new, innovative and intriguing ways. Five chapters focus on nest-building basics for different areas of the home, such as common spaces like foyers and living rooms to private spaces like bedrooms and baths. Transition and work areas like staircases and laundry rooms—and everything else in between—receive the Garrity touch as depicted throughout the five decidedly different homes showcased within Feather Your Nest:
*Mary Carol's own breathtaking and airy 130-year-old Greek revival
*The bustling hub of family life inside a colorful colonial
*A soulfully updated 1950's ranch with craftsman details
*A calmingly cozy cottage retreat with sophisticated flair
*And a to-die-for Tudor that deftly merges generations past and present
With an emphasis on being timeless, affordable, and comfortable, rather than trendy, extravagant, or inaccessible, Garrity motivates readers to feather their nests by staying true to their own unique design style.