Monday, July 11, 2011

Creating a New Old House

Kay Stanley and Curt Seymour referenced history and built a brand-new Daufuskie Island house that looks as if it has endured centuries of salty air and sandy feet.

"In this wonderful book, widely acclaimed architect Russell Versaci tells the reader how to capture the character of an old house in a new house, tailored for today's needs. The author, who is well known for this sort of designing, starts out with his "Eight Pillars of Traditional Design", and then shows you how to put them into practice. Taking eighteen houses found throughout the country (and reflecting the traditional regional style), he uses a combination of brightly colorful pictures and highly informative text to take you around and through the houses, giving you an insiders look into what was done and why.

Having grown up in an old house, I have always found the boxy/characterless/styleless post-World War 2 houses to be nothing short of depressing. My wife and I now own a 1916 house, and wish to add in the character that makes an old house a gem. Well, we found this book to be a great source of ideas and inspirations. If you like the style and grace of well-made older houses, and want to incorporate that style and grace into your own home, then you must read this book!"