Monday, December 31, 2012

Fresh Rocki Gorman for 2013

 We are excited to get in some fresh new Rocki Gorman for 2013! Remember Valentine's Day is just around the corner...One stranded shimmering quartz above is beautiful with the silver story-stamped and scalloped Navajo heart and heart cross pendants with large bells attached.
 Also in is Rocki Gorman turquoise chip necklace a great price and a must-have for any collector. These are a great length and color...
 New diamond sterling silver Navajo pendant with stamping-love the large size and bell of this piece. It looks fabulous on this bright blue disc necklace in turquoise!
Navajo sterling 3-strand "tres platos" is fabulous especially with this large aqua blue cross of Rocki's. New wrap beaded bracelet is fabulous and new as well! Last sterling stamped chandelier earrings are light and fun for Spring. Please stop and see our wonderful displays of Navajo jewelry or give us a call!