Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rosso Vecchio by Vietri

Do you know we have carried Vietri in the shop for over a decade? It has been a staple in the shop and a wonderful addition to our little kitchen area! When I got married 8 years ago I selected the Vietri Crema we have used it almost daily and it still looks beautiful!
This pine black hutch is filled with the red Rosso Vecchio which would be so pretty for a Valentine setting don't you think?
With its crackled glaze, Rosso Vecchio has us seeing red - the Italian color of life, love and passion! VIETRI's classic solids collection, while inspired by traditional earthenware forms, is made for a modern market! It is twice fired and formed of dense, less porous terra cotta, making it dishwasher and microwave safe.
Translation: aged red
Handmade in Tuscany
In the 1300's, peasants used rustic glazes on their hand-thrown pottery that separated during firing, exposing the terra cotta on the edges of the pieces. VIETRI reproduces these edges on Rosso Vecchio using clear glazes.
Due to its red glaze, Rosso Vecchio has a slightly crackled patina that adds to the character of each
Charming, distinct shapes, vibrant red color and rustic deckled edges characterizes the Rosso Vecchio collection. This large tavern pitcher can be used as a beautiful centerpiece with fresh cut flowers! Handmade of terra cotta in Tuscany.