Friday, May 16, 2014

Green Boxwoods, Red Geraniums & Red Burlap

 Spent our Friday afternoon working up these beautiful fresh boxwoods and bright red geraniums to be the centerpiece for these tables at a luncheon. We used a bolt of red burlap as a wide runner across each table and used our wild and twiggy birch wreaths as the base. Wrapped each boxwood in crinkled brown paper and tied with our wide red burlap ribbon & mossy twine for a fun summer look…
There are always great places in town to pick out beautiful plants & flowers for Summer.
This long burlap & red ruffle runner from the store was perfect to set her island as a buffet and we filled this large wonderful lantern full of bright red geraniums. Turned out bright, fun and very summery love it! Now who is going to plant all these bushes??