Monday, October 13, 2014

Brightly Hand Woven Indian Baskets

Brightly patterned hand woven Indian baskets have just arrived. The Indian technique of basket making using the coil method is generations old. Handed down from each passing generation the art is preserved.
The Hopi pueblo Indians were famous for baskets woven in this fashion that were so tight that they could hold water. These traditional baskets are made by hand, artfully woven to form unique patterns using palm leaves and Navajo designs.
What do you do with them? Hang a colorful collection on a large wall or place one on your coffee table or dining table overflowing with pumpkins and wrapped with bittersweet garland. Lean a few of them on your mantle for Fall and Winter. My favorite use is to put my jewelry and necklaces in them on my dressing table.
We love these and love to pass on our good purchases. The smaller baskets you see here start at $26.95 each and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors...