Thursday, November 9, 2017

New Erbario Toscano In For The Season!

 Our new favorite bath and body products developed by Vietri and produced in Italy. Rich and exotic scents that take you to the cobblestone streets of Venice and the beautiful Italian countrysides. What a beautiful stocking stuffer or special gift...
Erbario Toscano Black Pepper, forever renown as the "King of spices", has an intense captivating fragrance ideal for the active and dynamic. Its warm and sensual tones give a pleasant sensation of wellbeing. “Heart of Black Pepper” is the result of an extensive quest for the perfect fragrance. Black Pepper has always been recognized as the king of spices and its intense and evocative aroma radiates as soon as picked. Sensual , mysterious and warm tones give an enjoyable sense of well-being, in reality the essence has energizing powers, toning and refreshing effects, along with stimulating and revitalizing properties providing a vigorous pleasurable feeling.
An Intense and striking bouquet, with citrus and spicy notes. A Fragrance with an aromatic, woody and amber heart.

Erbario Toscano Spicy Vanilla, A unique sensory experience. Like a second skin sensual and mysterious. An essence that ignites the senses like a caress that intrigues and fascinates both women and men. The Spicy Vanilla, precious fruit of an orchid that jealously guards its secret, enhances awareness with elegant femininity and passion of the woman who wears it. It embodies a deep and voluptuous sensuality of vanilla and warm character and strong spicy note. A balance between subtle and unique romance and seduction. A fragrance that is as enchanting as an ancient magic filter: evocative and deep, warm and velvety. Its innovative formula that allows the essence remains long on the skin. Just spray is meditative and light, leaving decant reveals itself as a note mysteriously sensual and magnetic. For strong and decisive personality.