Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe!❤️

Do you ever try to get your friend or family’s sugar cookie recipe and it is a big secret??🤷‍♀️Well this is it and our little precious won a first place blue ribbon at the fair this year with this recipe! The secret is our Gold Medal Mexican Vanilla Bean Paste (it leaves tiny flecks of vanilla bean in your dough and icing) plus the flavor is the best!! So happy to share please enjoy!!

Our Traditional line of Mexican vanilla extract is the best of what you can find in Mexico. The Canosa family, who produces our vanilla exclusively, has been winning the Gold Medal of Honor award in Mexico for 30 years running. Both the Traditional & Pure Mexican Vanillas are all natural, produced in Mexico using only the highest grade, single sourced, Mexican vanilla beans. Our Mexican vanilla is never blended with another grade or type of bean – it is the absolute best vanilla available in Mexico.