Saturday, February 19, 2022

Thymes Washed Linen & Salis Linen Fragrance🧺

Laundry can be satisfying for once when you have wonderful products to wash your linens! Thymes Washed Linen Detergent, Fabric Softner, & Linen Spray makes your sheets smell heavenly. Our New Italian scent Salis is a fragrance of ocean beachy goodness. A celebration of the Mediterranean sea’s freshness and energy. Hints of thyme and chamomile meld with the mineral saltiness of the ocean air. The Salis Home Fragrance Room & Linen Spray comes in a beautiful glass vessel and can be misted into the air or onto linens, garments, or furniture. Scents are always uplifting to the soul treat yourself.
Washed Linen: This irresistibly delicate, fresh, and woody fragranced detergent contains a unique super blend of bio-enzymes that offers a natural, convenient, and powerful system that helps remove tough stains.