Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Whistlestop Underjohns

It’s a red & black kind of day with the block print Whistlestop Underjohns. Versatile, durable and vocal, our Block Print Whistlestop Underjohns elevate the classic bandana’s form and function. A wearable narrative, your personal take on a thread that runs through our shared story. Made of soft Cotton Jersey Knit with Drawstring Back, Button Fly, and Adjustable Sides these will keep you cozy all winter.
****Lay Away Available now for Christmas.
Each Magnolia Pearl item is cut "One Size Fits Most".
Each Magnolia Pearl piece itself is a story. The kind you think you know inside-out, but find new details revealed with each telling. Snippets of fairy tales overlay Huck Finn imagery, bolts of myth underpin psychedelic legends, and beneath it all, within it, resides you, the most glorious story of them all.
Our garments are just along for the ride -- pieces of thread and light, sewn summations of surrender, and dreams, with a poem on the sleeve.