Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mercury Glass Pedestals, Copper Mercury Jugs & Mercury Pinecones

 Worked on this display today with aged silver mercury pedestals in large and small sizes....Mercury bowl pedestals which are so neat to hold pillar candles. Will be beautiful for the holiday seasons on the way...great white-washed flat pillar pedestals are so neat to add height to a display or to put a cloche on.
 A close up of the large mercury pedestal and jeweled bird boxes. Love love these large copper mercury jugs would be a fabulous collection together in a bookcase or on a fireplace mantle. New wonderful wide burlap ribbon is in...tie it to a door basket or loop above a painting neat ribbon to work with.
Our old wooden angel paintings are in the background and in the front is one of our new pieces aged and hand finished Virgin Mary. We think she would be beautiful for Christmas wrapped in greenery as a centerpiece on a mantle or table. She would be beautiful anywhere her antiqued gold crown can be removed.