Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beautiful Wool Navajo Rug Bags

Everything’s bigger in Texas and these oversized handmade handbags are no exception! Big space meets big personality made with handspun 100% wool Navajo rugs from Chimayo, NM and genuine leather, in an attractive design that exudes style and functionality. Each oversized tote is handmade by a creative and talented Texas artist.  “The Whole Shebang” is greatness achieved.
Solid oak wood handles
One 32″ detachable leather straps
Genuine leather bottom and accents
Ten interior pockets – 1 zippered
Wood interior bottom
Length: 17.5 inches
Width: 8 inches
Depth: 14 inches

"How many cheap, flimsy, mass-produced bags do we need? In the winter of 2010, I decided that I wanted to make better handbags. I wanted to design an everything bag. Something that said different things to different women. It had to be, first and foremost, well-constructed and made with exceptional materials. Then it had to be beautiful and multi-textured. I started with thick piled fabrics, then I added luxurious leather and topped them off with hand-carved, solid oak handles. Next was functionality. I inserted a wood bottom…no more folding up…no smashed fruit and veggies…no broken eggs…no purse items lost in a dark abyss. I designed a bag that could carry anything! A computer, lunch, a change of shoes, diapers or groceries. One size small enough for an evening out, all the way up to a bag large enough to pack for a weekend getaway.

At the end of the day, I wanted to remind people of a time when products were made with pride…made to last. Today, each bag I construct makes me smile. They are ever-changing…just the way I like it.

Treat yourself to something special…something wonderfully unique."