Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fun Aqua Blue Enamelware for Spring & Summer!

Designed to delight. This new & fun Enamelware Dinnerware is simple and beautiful, with a nod to vintage style. Its steel with porcelain-enamel finish is also shatterproof—ideal around kids and klutzes. A soft aqua blue that comes in dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, coffee mugs, and a variety of trays it is inexpensive and perfect for Summer!

 Love this quaint coffee set…I can see it filled with a hot pot of our freshly ground apricot creme coffee and carried outside on an early Spring morning. Or perfect for having tea in the tree house with my little girl who would probably call it hot chocolate instead!
Fired enamelware is an integrated layered composite of glass and metal. The word enamel comes from the Old High German word smelzan (to smelt) via the Old French esmail. Used as a noun, "an enamel" is a usually small decorative object, coated with enamel coating. Enameling is an old and widely adopted technology, for most of its history mainly used in jewelry and decorative art. Since the 19th century the term applies also to industrial materials and many metal consumer objects, such as some cooking vessels, dishwashers, laundry machines, sinks, and tubs.
It is especially pretty mixed with this burlap white ruffle runner and soft white linen napkins and burlap napkin rings. We have so many beautiful runners and table toppers in that are bright textures as well as a colorful variety of napkins for your Easter table this weekend or a Spring breakfast,