Monday, April 28, 2014

Unusual & Vintage Style Finds

 This is one of our favorite displays filled with unusual and vintage style pieces…a pair of worn and rusted sheep so pretty displayed together on a kitchen table or buffet-or even sweet in a child's room. Rusty old style european crosses in different shapes & sizes to hang on the wall in a small space or would be interesting around antique religious print. Also love these great large concrete lamps-heavy heavy and very unique!
Tucked in are these beautiful reversible velvet & linen placemats with matelasse quilted pattern in pale aqua blue & a taupe cream…our linen damask napkins are large and go perfectly with them. Use the linen side in the Spring & Summer and flip them to the velvet side for Fall & Winter beautiful! $48.00 set/4 Linen Damask Napkins $28,95 set/4
Pair of Sheep $64.95  Rusty Garden Crosses $14.95 & $12.95 Old-Style Concrete Lamps w/ burlap barrel shades $128.95 Each
These antique reproductions of a plumb bob are so neat use your imagination with them-I could see them being great for planting a row in your garden or weighing down a tablecloth on a patio…a roll of twine tied to the end of a cast iron plumb genius!
A plumb bob is a ancient tool that uses the earth's gravity to gauge verticality. It consists of a weight attached to a string, and its name derives from the French word for lead, plomb, since the weight has been traditionally made of that material. Because of the unerring dependability of gravity, a plumb bob is a reliably accurate measuring device, and carpenters, masons and other tradespeople use it for a variety of purposes.  Plumb Bobs $7.50 each
 These crusty ducks have such character would be a great gift for the gardner-they look old and ancient like they have been sitting in an old established garden for years and years… Crusty Duck $36.95
Also think these rusty 3 tiered stands would be great in any home for many uses. An antique reproduction-I could see this in a bathroom filled with linens and trays of bath salts and glass jars of beautiful soaps. It could go outside to hold sweet pots of geraniums & ivies, or place baskets in it to hold just about anything…a great piece! Rustic Metal Stand $138.00
In the back of this display peers eyes that belong to a rustic metal wall hanging that looks like an old antique Russian icon religious piece…Old silver & bronze shimmer makes this piece of art very unusual and old looking love it love it! Metal Icon Wall Piece $78.00