Monday, August 25, 2014

Texture Texture Texture...

 Loving this new display draped and layered in washed velvet and chocolate burlap...stacked with great twisted and wild birch baskets and bowls, woven Indian baskets, carved cedar bowls and art, and rustic green metal baskets.
 These crusted and aged turquoise glass jugs look like they were pulled from a shipwreck...beautiful muted aqua blues and browns. These interesting carved cedar bowls are so rustic and wonderful place one on your coffee table full of black & white photos with one of these great birch basket trays.
 This large birch branch tray holds this glazed green pottery bowl perfectly...filled with pumpkins and green berries for Fall. A perfect centerpiece for a rustic farmhouse table. Add these scraped and colorful wooden candlesticks to the setting and you have one interesting and unique centerpiece for Fall. Place smaller pumpkins on top of the candlesticks for interest and height.
We also love our Navajo Indian Baskets always searching for these as they add a touch of warmth, interest, and texture to any home. Display them on your mantle for Fall or hang a collection on a large wall.