Sunday, November 23, 2014

Repousséd & Stamped Silver Pendants...Multi Dragonfly Pendant

One of our favorite New Mexico artist has sent us more of his beautiful work! Large and wonderfully embellished sterling silver pendants that are hand stamped and repousséd beautifully! His silver collars are heavy gauge and hard to find perfect with these pendants. His silver hooped and copper hooped stamped earrings are always a favorite. Also shown above is a large dragonfly pendant set with kingman turquoise, mojave green turquoise, and spiny coral.
Gorgeous hand made copper cuffs with kingman turquoise & sleeping beauty, large copper pendants, and unique stamped copper earrings are also shown! Each piece is signed by artist these are wonderful family heirloom pieces to be treasured forever come take a look!
Inspired by Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi cultures, these designs reflect an unexpected contemporary energy, setting creations a step ahead of tradition. Incorporating his mastery as a silversmith and talent as an artist in "stretching the Imagination of creativity...It's all about the colors of the stones, how they mix with metals, and nature's use of light."….Featured in the finest galleries across the southwest come in and let us show you our new pieces designed by a New Mexico silversmith and talented artist.
Now is the time to start making your Christmas Wish these are very special pieces!