Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wool Kilim Pillows

Made with natural wool kilim these large brightly woven pillows will perk up any room! What is kilim? “Kilim”, simply is a flat woven carpet or a kind of rug without any pile or knotted fluff: a coarse, thin hand made carpet. This carpet has different names in different languages. For instance in Afghanistan it is called “Kilim”, in Ukraine “Palas”, in Caucasia “Liat”, In Syria and Lebanon it is called “Chilim” and in Iran “Gelim”.
“Flat weave” is another name for kilim which was used in past. When we come to know Scandinavian, Polish-Romanian and Hungarian kilims, it is hard to believe that the origin of these traditional hand-made is desert dwellers of Africa, Central Asia or South and Central America.
Hardness of season migration, as well as difficulty of pastorals, or hard life in desert, have made no effect to process these crafts.
Incomparable culture of kilim weaving, is an answer to the basic needs of farmers and migrants who look for dry and carpeted tent and also warmer bedding.
Here are more examples of kilim used in a home...we all love kilim a pop of color!