Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beautiful Hobnail Candles...Uplifting & Clarifying for Crisp Winter Nights

 This textured glass candle will fill your home with sweet scents when lit and would make a beautiful gift for someone special on your list. Fill your home with a fresh, inviting, and clean scent for the new year!

Beautiful hobnail glass in many lovely colors and filled with pure vegetable wax. These candles will burn up to 100 hours as they fill your space with fragrant illumination. These glasses are handcrafted, variation in glass color may occur.
Spanish Lime: A peacock blue hobnail candle, fragranced with an effervescent blend of lime and other citrus notes create a bright bubbly scent.

Fir & Grapefruit: A yellow-green hobnail candle fragranced with a rich, sweet blend of bright grapefruit and cooling balsam.

Scotch Pine: A warm, woodsy fragrance reminiscent of crisp winter nights. This true pine scent is known for its clarifying and uplifting properties.

Sea Salt Caramet: This fragrance has a strong caramel presence with background of sea salt.

Forest Night: This fragrance richly green and sweetly sexy with a hint of watery notes.