Monday, January 19, 2015

Large Kilim Pillows, Navajo Baskets, Indian Warrior

Add a pop of color and interest to any room in your home! The intricate geometric patterns of traditional Turkish kilims are reimagined in these large and wonderful kilim pillows, handwoven by skilled artisans. 
Kilim has a fascinating history, its origins dating back to 3000 BC, many scholars believe even earlier; like tapestries, woven kilims are one of the oldest textiles in history. Kilims are referred to as “slit woven” textiles, a technique of weaving that produces sharp geometric designs and symbols. They are produced by interweaving visible weft with invisible warp strands and are most often made of wool, though cotton and hemp threads are sometimes used. 
Different kilims possess cultural meanings that change by region, and the colors and designs also change depending on where they originate. Some kilims are used as prayer rugs, others for decorative purposes. The popularity of kilim is growing in the West as we look to more exotic ways to decorate our homes with textiles from across the globe.
Also love this mix of great woven Navajo style baskets mixed on this rustic table with our Indian Warrior art peering out from behind!