Friday, September 11, 2015

Beautiful Fall Hobnail Candles...

New Fall Hobnail Candles in scents Pumpkin Clove, Vine, Tea, and Nag Champa...Our favorite candles for our homes and as a beautiful gift. This textured glass candle will fill your home with sweet scents when lit and would make a beautiful Fall gift for someone special on your list. Fill your home with a fresh, inviting, and clean scent for the new season!
Beautiful hobnail glass in many lovely colors and filled with pure vegetable wax. These candles will burn up to 100 hours as they fill your space with fragrant illumination. These glasses are handcrafted, variation in glass color may occur. What will you do with the beautiful hobnail glass container? Makeup brushes...lip glosses...or a fresh bouquet of sunflowers you decide...

Pumpkin & Clove: The quintessential elements of pumpkins and spice create this oh, so comforting scent! Our Pumpkin Spice scent marries the two and creates a treasure of roasted pumpkin sprinkled with cinnamon and clove, warming your home against the crisp days of the season.

Vine: The naturally appealing, full-bodied aroma of crisp grapes, citrus and oak. Just like you are in a  French Winery!

Tea: Steeped in tradition, this rich and heady scent is reminiscent of earl grey tea. The aroma of camellia leaf and oils of bergamot, orange, and myrrh brew together in this time-honored scent.

Nag Champa: A gift from a whale and considered one of the noblest components of perfumes, this sweet musky scent is sensual and stirring. An item of desire for hundreds of years a combination of patchouli in addition with sandalwood and citrus.