Monday, December 14, 2015

Handmade Wine Cask Pieces

 We love this Texas company that offers unique and handmade wine cask pieces...come in and see how great they are! From the aged patina and size of the pieces you can easily find a spot in your home for one of these great pieces!
Have a gardner or outdoor person in your family and looking for the right gift? Catch swing fever with this beautiful and charming extra large swing handmade from retired wine staves. Hang from a porch or a tree and swing your way back to the good ol' days. Handmade in Texas from retired French Oak or American Oak wine barrels. 
Each is one-of-a-kind and will vary. Color is likely to vary widely due to degree of use for red wine storage. Comes with chain, two carabiners and high-grade steel brackets. 200-lb. limit. Oiled finish.
One of my favorite items I have a large oak tree in my yard that I would love to hang this on...
$162.00 Large Swing

Our "Wine 4 Two's" are the perfect way to display that favorite bottle of wine with a pair of glasses.
This item is made from an aged oak barrel stave and makes the perfect gift.
A great price at $26.95 each

Large Hanging Wine Glass Holder will accommodate your favorite glassware...Hang it above your island in your kitchen or bar area a great and unique piece! This piece is artisan crafted from wine staves. It comes complete with chain ready to hang and holds 16 wine glasses.

Get organized with this great retired large wine stave rack. Hang your coats on the shiny copper hooks or place in your kitchen to hold utensils...a great large piece with character! A great man gift!
$82.00 each