Monday, December 14, 2015

More Hot Ruby & Mullins Spice In...

Christmas in a Cup...A delicious and classic combination of spices which makes ordinary cider, wine, tea and brandy extraordinary. No cooking is necessary. The spices dissolve completely, so it is perfect for hot and cold drinks, as well as for baking. Our single-serving packets also make excellent stocking stuffers or an instant Taste of Aspen wherever you go. 
1 Gallon Apple Cider or Juice + One Package Original Spice Blend=Wonderful!
Welcome a new tradition into your home. Hot Ruby is the perfect addition to your mug on a cozy evening. Unlike typical cider, our family recipe marries cranberry and citrus juices with an exquisite blend of spices. Add your favorite spirits for a special treat! Our family is certain you will find comfort in every heated or iced cup of Hot Ruby, time and time again. Wonderful mixed with chilled champagne, or served hot with pecan whiskey, or just sip it hot the way it is!
Looking for the perfect gift? Feel free to give it as a hostess gift or bring it along when gathering with friends. Mixing up some fun for your family and friends? Our 32oz. mixer bottle makes it easy to personalize your own cup of Hot Ruby. This drink can be paired with your favorite spirit to create a cocktail like you’ve never tasted.