Friday, April 29, 2016

Jewelry Your Mother Will Cherish...

 This old rustic wooden bowl is full of treasures! Give your mother something she will cherish this Mother's Day....a beautiful piece of jewelry!
Each piece is individually made by New Mexico silversmith love them all! 
Inspired by Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi cultures, these designs reflect an unexpected contemporary energy, setting creations a step ahead of tradition. Incorporating his mastery as a silversmith and talent as an artist in "stretching the Imagination of creativity...It's all about the colors of the stones, how they mix with metals, and nature's use of light."….Featured in the finest galleries across the southwest come in and let us show you our new pieces designed by a New Mexico silversmith and talented artist.
 Have questions about an individual piece? Please give us a call or email us @ would be happy to help you!
Nuns Cross Necklaces New! Available in antique bronze and sterling silver. $56.95 each
A new shipment has arrived of beautiful jewelry... Come by and pick out one of these beautiful pieces for that special person for Mother's Day or a lovely Spring gift for yourself!
Now available in a simple and elegant nuns cross necklace...both available in antique bronze and sterling silver...Shipping is easy give us a call! 806-293-3588
Her sterling silver Nuns Cross Bracelet will keep you inspired throughout your day...the artist used actual antique Nun's cross pendants and recast them into this beautiful piece of art. A special and wonderful gift at $76.95 each.

Inspired by the French Art Nouveau, Victorian, and Georgian era art and design movements, each piece she designs features the imperfect beauty, faded elegance and the time worn patina she admires. One of southern California’s most sought after jewelry designers, her one of a kind pieces are avidly collected by women with their own sense of style, who are leaders in fashion, not followers. Her jewelry is classic, elegant, trendy, without ever becoming passé.