Friday, July 1, 2016

New Federico Jewelry In...

Federico Jimenez jewelry has always caught my eye in Santa Fe...maybe you have strolled through the square and have seen his beautiful work. We are excited to carry some of his beautiful silver handmade pieces... Unique and embellished his earrings are each a piece of art!
With the tiniest details of silver work, turquoise, silver doves, and sterling rosettes each pair of earrings is beautiful all on it's own! Each piece also has Federico's mark stamped on the back. His large milagro silver crosses are so unique and detailed...each one different and a best seller this summer!
Federico Jimenez, originally from the tiny village of Tututepec, Mexico resides in Southern California where he has been collecting and making jewelry for many years. Today he is a world renowned authority on Mexican silver, Pre-Columbian and Mixtec (pronounced “Mishtek”) jewelry.
He became interested in Meso-American art in his late teens when he and his father uncovered a pre-Columbian Mixtec Indian pectoral chest plate buried under their house. With the sudden ownership of the ancient pectoral, his appetite for antiquities grew, sending him scurrying from village to village in search of more.
In addition to jewelry, he also started collecting Indian costumes. His private collection includes pieces from the contemporary, colonial, and pre-Columbian periods. “I have more that 200 jewelry pieces and 190 traditional costumes. I have no idea what it’s worth, but I keep the whole thing in the Bank of America.”
Federico has organized exhibitions and acquires items for institutions such as UCLA Museum of Cultural History and the National Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe. He displays many pieces of his jewelry in the Anthropological Museum in Mexico City.
Living and working in the Los Angeles area, Federico is a popular designer of the entertainment crowd. You’ll see his jewelry worn by Christie Brinkley, Elle McPherson, and once you know his style, you’ll spot his designs on a few “Soap” stars and Ali McGraw can be seen modeling many of his designs in magazines. His current offerings are traditional and elegant stories in turquoise and coral, show-stopping in their simplicity. Put these beautiful pieces with your best suit or with chambray and denim. You’ll love them.
Important collectors and Museums were costumers of his during the 25 years of his business. He and his wife amassed a big collection of Mexican jewelry: Pre Colombian, Colonial,
and Contemporary, as well as Southwest art like baskets, kachinas, Pottery, Navajo, Zuni and Hopi rugs and jewelry.
Also his activities in the cultural community continue. He was a prior trustee of the "Millicent Rogers Museum" in Taos, New Mexico and “The Southwest Indian Museum “in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently a trustee on the board of the "Autry National Center" and "La Plaza De La Cultura" in downtown Los Angeles, CA. which will open to the public in November 2010.
My favorite piece...FEDERICO ROSE CUFF BRACELET with turquoise stone set in the center. Unique cuff bracelet with sterling silver petals...a piece of art! Come see our new jewelry and treat yourself this summer!