Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Texas Hill Country Peach Salsa & Texas Chili Mix

Our favorite Peach Salsa, Cheese Queso, Chipotle Salsa, and Texas Chili Mix has arrived...The Peach Salsa is wonderful and a great pick up gift! The Chili Mix is unmatched in flavor and taste...don't waste all afternoon making chili this is by far the easiest and the best!
"Our popular Texas Chili Works, dressed up in a drawstring bag with an added packet of flavors. Can't think of what to give Dad? Here's your answer. It's a gift that is sure to make you mighty popular."
"We take a Texas Hill Country tradition of delicious sun ripened peaches and combine them with the smouldering fire of jalapeño peppers to bring you this amazing taste sensation. Award-winning fiery sweet Peach Salsa brings another level of excitement to peaches and traditional salsa. How sweet it is!"