Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Famous Vanilla Has Arrived...

The best Mexican vanilla is stocked in our kitchen this week...use this fabulous vanilla in all of your holiday baking! So cute wrapped up for a sweet gift! Purveyors of the world's finest Mexican vanilla. Imported from Veracruz - the birthplace of Vanilla.

"Used this vanilla for the 1st time this morning for french toasts and can't believe the difference . We LOVE it!I am placing an order for a couple bottles . By far the BEST!
I will spread the word around. Wished someone would have told me years ago about it."

Also this companies brownie mix with frosting is delicious you will not be disappointed!
"Aunt Carolyn is a classy lady who can cook. And wow, can she cook! With her gorgeous green eyes and dancing dimples, she is a marvel in the kitchen. Her brownies are famous from one end of the Wasatch front to the other. Aunt Carolyn’s home is constantly full of family, friends, and neighbors, and no one ever leaves hungry. Of all her wonderful kitchen creations, we think Aunt Carolyn’s Brownies with Chocolate Vanilla Frosting are the best."