Monday, March 6, 2017

Elisir d'Olivo Body Balm & Oil + Bath Salts

Each week I like to take home some of our new Elisir d'Olivo body products to treat myself after a long week working! The smell takes me back to Italy, olive fields, and the wonderful smells of moisturizing and comforting the scent is healing to my soul if you can imagine!! 
Olive Complex (Elisir d'Olivo) - Erbario Toscano
Personal Skincare Line with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany, Italy
The entire Olive Complex skin care products features the beneficial properties of using real 
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – strong nourishment, moisturizing, and healing properties. It is 
suitable for both women and men, especially for those with skin needing extra care.
Suitable for dry to normal skin. The facial skin care line contain
 OLEA-TECH the exclusive 
multifunction complex 100% derived from active molecules from the Olive tree that provides: 
compactness, rejuvenation, luminosity. Made in Tuscany, ITALY

Also in is one of our most popular and Beautiful Bath Salts...Honest and clean scent that lifts the spirits and calms the senses. Dreamy smooth, this blend of milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver is a tranquil, comforting scent with stirring, yet sweet seductive notes controlled by its classic romantic and powdery virtue. Find relief and contentment with these traditional concoctions.

Elisir d'Olivo Soap: With flecks of olive’s leaves. Cleans delicately the skin 
leaving it soft and moisturized thanks to the 
nourishing and soothing ingredients of the Organic 
Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 
Enriched with flecks of 
Olive’s leaves for their exfoliating action promoting the 
elimination of dead cells and impurities for a 
rejuvenated and purified skin. Made in Italy

Elisir d'Olivo Body Balm:A light and silky fluid emulsion containing a unique 
active synergy derived from the olive tree to prevent dry 
skin, exfoliation and wilting resulting in a firmer and 
more supple skin. The presence of Organic 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil guarantees an energizing, 
nourishing and firming effect; the olive leaf extract 
performs a toning, protective and vasoactive action. 
The vegetable lipoproteins obtained from olive oil and 
from the proteins of wheat also regulates the level of 
epidermal hydration, strengthening the natural 
“barrier” function of the skin. Ideal restorative 
treatment for all skin types and particularly after sun 
exposure or sports activities. Made in Italy

Elisir d'Olivo Body Oil: A precious blend of vegetable oils for a restorative and 
nourishing treatment. The active blend derived from 
the olive prevent skin dryness, exfoliation and wilting 
resulting in a firmer and more supple skin. Organic 
Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a natural energizer for a 
nourishing and firming action; olive leaf extracts for a 
toning, protective and vasoactive action. Indicated for 
dry skin and skin prone to peeling. Made in Italy