Monday, July 31, 2017

Concrete Garden Statues

 After a hot summer of blistering sunshine and cloudy evenings with hail I am wondering about my poor flowers. However I know a few hours of hard work and some pretty pansies for Fall will brighten everything up again. Especially one of these beautiful concrete aged statues tucked in a flowerbed to enjoy outside as the leaves start falling! Meet St. Fiacre...

If you see a statue of a saint in a garden, more than likely it's St. Francis with bird on his shoulder. St. Francis may have protected the birds and animals of the garden, but the actual patron saint of gardening is an Irish monk named St. Fiacre, whose feast is celebrated in Ireland and France on September 1. St. Fiacre has been recognized as patron saint of gardeners (as well as cab drivers and florists, among other things) since medieval times. Born in Ireland in the 7th century, Fiacre was raised in a monastery. During the Dark Ages, monasteries were repositories of learning, and it is here that Fiacre became a skillful user of healing herbs. As he earned fame for his knowledge of plants and healing abilities, disciples flocked to him. Fiacre sought more solitude and left Ireland for France where he established a hermitage in a wooded area near the Marne River. Here Fiacre built an oratory in honor of the Virgin Mary and a hospice where he received strangers. He himself retreated to a solitary cell, living a life of prayer and manual labor in his garden. 
The legend upon which Fiacre’s sainthood rests is this: Fiacre asked the local bishop, Bishop Faro, for more ground on which to plant food and herbs. Faro told him he could have as much land as he could entrench in one day. After prayer, Fiacre used the point of his staff to turn the earth, topple trees and dig up briers and weeds to prepare the land for a garden. (Don’t we all wish we had one of those staffs?) A suspicious local woman was convinced that such a feat could only be performed by sorcery. Bishop Faro, however, viewed Fiacre's act as a gift from God and proclaimed it a miracle. Supposedly, the woman’s jealousy caused Fiacre to implement a ban on women from his monastery. Exclusion of women, however, was the rule rather than the exception in monasteries of the time. 
St. Fiacre Garden Statue $150.00
Isn't this Madonna peaceful and beautiful? Many choose beautiful statues of Mary for their yard or garden as a reminder of her constant heavenly help and intercession. This lovely garden Madonna makes a perfect addition to any flowerbed. All concrete pieces are very heavy and will last a very long time in your yard. 
Madonna Garden Statue $110.00