Thursday, May 16, 2019

🌻♥️🐝Summer Arrangements

This parisienne french jug with grey glaze is so pretty with our red geraniums, yellow summer sunflowers, red and yellow poppies, and snowballs. Love the succulent mixed in a great colorful summer arrangement!!

This antique rustic jug is wonderful stuffed with large fluffy white hydrangeas, white peonies, green fern, succulents, white snowballs, and white dessert pods. Wrapped with wooden blessing beads this will be a fabulous arrangement on a large table for summer entertaining. Love the contrast!!!

What a beautiful Monday it has been! We are working on arrangements today. Love this large cream kitchen cuisine jug filled with cheery yellow sunflowers, vivid red geraniums(amazingly realistic), red poppies, fluffy white snowballs, and drooping succulents. This is going to really cheer up a kitchen table with bright summer colors!