Saturday, February 8, 2020

🌸🌷💓Spring Arrangements

Every woman loves color and flowers don't you agree??? We have had such fun working up Spring arrangements for customers! This turquoise pottery jug is filled with bright red and yellow poppies, lavender, and pink poppies for her kitchen table. What a cheerful arrangement love it!!
This old found wooden jug is gorgeous filled with garden irises, wild yellow forcythia, and tiny white wildflowers. Love the array of colors this will be perfect for this customer’s office.
💙Blue & white has become a classic and is strong for Spring. This customer wanted her jug filled with spring goodness!🌼The blueberries, garden irises, white hydrangeas, and forcythia branches will really brighten up her kitchen!
🌸🌷💓There is just something about the color pink that we love this time of year! This metal seed container is perfect filled with light pink fluffy peonies, drooping hot pink tulips, and blooming branches. Where are you Spring???