Friday, July 3, 2020

Fresh Batch Mexican Vanilla

A fresh batch of Gold Medal Grade-A Mexican Vanilla has just arrived! Don’t deny yourself the absolute best vanilla for your ice cream this weekend on July 4th!The brownie mix is delightful try it they are better than your grandma’s brownies we swear!! 🇺🇸🧨💥

“I have loved Mexican Vanilla for years and years. In fact have even been known to go south of the border just to get it. But I have never found anything of this quality in a border town! This is by far the best vanilla I have ever used. I put it in everything: cakes, cookies, pancakes, french toast, even in my bath water! Also, don’t forget Mexican vanilla is great for burns, and to keep mosquitos away (only real mexican vanilla works for that).
This is also perfect for a gift. The packaging is darling, I can’t stand to put it in the cupboard, I just keep it right on the counter. It’s that cute! I’m going to give it to my sisters for Mother’s Day and my grown daughters in their Easter baskets.